Soul Search?

Hi everyone! I have been working on following my passions, you know, like enjoying life. But what does that mean, following our passion? Well, in my soul searching, this question was posed to me:

What gives you energy?

Ooohh, good one right… What does give me energy? What gives you energy?

‘Some things, they are hard work, but they don’t suck the life outa you, right?’ (CLICK TO TWEET)

You wake up and actually feel energized to do these things. I hope you will take time to really think about this and even share in the comments!

Here’s my list, in no particular order:

  • creating (art, painting, drawing, scrapbooking, cross-stitch, embroidery, sewing, on & on!)
  • singing
  • learning
  • traveling
  • leading
  • giving advice
  • thinking
  • riding horses
  • playing softball
  • boating, skiing, wakeboarding
  • walking and swimming at the ocean
  • quiet time in nature
  • the cool wind in my hair
  • new adventures
  • writing poems
  • inspiring others
  • being in a setting where I can be myself

I’m sure I’ve missed a few, so I will be popping in and out for the next week to update as things come to mind! PLEASE share yours below, I would love to hear about your passions!


Share your energy boosting activities below!

Crochet This

Oh goodness, are these the cutest little flip flops you have ever seen? Whistle & Ivy is giving away this free, ADORABLE, crochet pattern and I just had to pass it along to you.  I mean, look at those sweet little baby toes!

Morning Routine

Here ya go, my daily.

This is where I sit in the morning to do some reading or sketching.  The berries in the bowl, there, are huckleberries grown from my tiny little, front yard garden. They are my reminder to make huckleberry jam, here pretty quick 🙂


Pretty much everyday, me & hubby drink cappuccino from tall glasses, with cozies I made from fabric.

If I decide on tea for the morning, I make it in that tall glass pitcher from Teavana (my fav tea store) and drink it all day in this favorite milk glass cup. He really hates tea… Seriously, what did it ever do to him? lol. I love tea!!


So, there’s a peak into mine, what does your morning look like?

Will You Choose


I wrote this little poem on our travels,  in the RV. I was thinking about dreaming big, not giving up… doing good things, enoying family, letting your inner light shine,  and serving a higher purpose.

It reads:
The world is a heavy weight
upon the shoulders
What will give you strength?
Will you buckle beneath
the weight?
Will you stand up and be great?
Will you listen
when your soul cries out?
Or ignore it and let the fire
burn out?
Will you let the world
pass you by?
With inaction, distraction…
Or, will you be deliberate
in every step you take?
Will you walk toward your
goal… Daily, not wait?
What will it take for you to
wake up from your slumber,
To walk in the light, in all
God’s wonder?

What calls you? I would love to hear from you,  please do share in the comments below 🙂

Let Your Light Shine

Just wanted to share this with you all. It’s something I have struggled with recently, and I’m trying to put my foot down and break out! Raaaaaaawwwwrr! It’s time we allow ourselves the freedom to be who we are, who we want to be, who we aspire to be, imperfections and all…

For me, I don’t know if it was because I had kids or because I became a Christian, but around that time,  my concept of self and ego went right out the door. It seams like I lost myself.

‘I gave my children everything I had, but I think I let my own light diminish a little.’ (CLICK TO TWEET)

Christine Hassler

For a long time, I felt like I was at the grind, trying to just be a good parent and a good person. Trying to be PERFECT… and failing completely because we can’t be perfect, right, no matter how hard we try. Realizing my imperfections, I thought, why not take it even further?  I proceeded to (figuratively) flog myself for my failures.

I do this with art, too. I have even projected my perfectionism onto my oldest daughter (Ok, that was hard to share, but it’s true. She tries so hard to be perfect, just like me.)  After constantly scrutinizing myself, I started to feel like a failure, as a person. Can you relate to this at all?

Gosh, this is pretty heavy conversation here… So, why am I telling you all this? Well, for starters, I want to change.  A good way to change, is to verbalize it. Second, maybe you feel similar and we can relate. Or maybe you (like me) need to give yourself permission go let YOUR light shine!

Let’s see what Christine has to say about it, over on The Daily Love, and then please do come back to share how YOU feel! Isn’t it time we consciously seek joy and goodness, and spend our time  laughing…. playing…. joking….!

Finally, here is a fabulous little affirmation graphic from my sweet friend and cohort, Ohn Mar Win. Remember YOU ARE enough!

Ohn Mar Win



#LiveAuthentic – 11 Blogging Tips

So, what is it, to LIVE AUTHENTIC?

Me, this morning. No coffee yet.

I mean…..  Doesn’t everyone want to live authentic? It’s not as if we want to live fake, haha. But seriously, can we ever truly live totally authentic? Can we ever truly ‘Let Go’ and just be who we want to be? And why am I asking this question after all?  Well, when it comes to blogging, I feel like a total failure, seriously. I never know what you would like to ‘get’ from my blog, what can I give to make it worthwhile? I know I totally rock 😛 but will you? And then, how much of me do I let you see?

Of course, we probably all wonder if others even have time to stop in. Why should they, they have busy lives, right? …..And I’m practically a stranger? So, I decided to take a nice little online course at Creative Live called Build a Successful Creative Blog, by April Bowles, to find out  how to carry on with this bloggy stuff.

Belle Live Blogging

So, that class was awesome! It gave me tons of ideas and thoughts on blogging…. In honor of it, we are doing a blog tour where we all give our favorite blogging take-aways from the course. If you can catch the free rebroadcast, totally do it, but it’s way worth the purchase, if you can swing it (plus then you can re watch at your own convenience) So….What was all that GOOD STUFF!?!  Well, I couldn’t possibly tell it all here. So, I will tell you 11 of MY take-aways:


  1. Give freely
    Build trust with your readers by giving them something of use.
    Hmmm… What would you like?? Feel free to comment below.
  2. Build anticipation
    Anticipation builds excitement, which in turn makes your business fun. Yay fun!
  3. Share your best (don’t be scurred, there will be more)
    Always share your best. Don’t hold onto it in fear that you won’t create something new and wonderful. The act of sharing actually helps you to generate the new ideas and acts like fuel to your creativity and business.
    Plus, your gift will be totally awesome, rather than less than best.
  4. Ways to monetize
    April gets you thinking about how you can monetize your blog with your own business and talents. Think monthly subscriptions, retreats etc.
  5. How to find and build your tribe… and add them to your circle
    Joining groups, comment on blogs of people you would like to be buds with. Don’t lurk and stalk, engage.
  6. Be yourself (be authentic)
    But how? 🙂 …. Write like you’re talking to your BFF, that way you attract similar people. Oooh good idea! Plus, fake people suck and eventually, others will see who you really are, so it’s better to be yourself, no surprises.
  7. Make subscribing easy (oops, I blew it)
    You should make it easy for people to follow your blog and have a newsletter for easy sign up
  8. How to generate blogging ideas (yes please!)
    April gives us some blogging ideas in the course that pertain to our businesses and she also blogged
    52 Blog Post Topics for Creative Entrepreneurs.
  9. Blog regularly
    People like consistency. They like to know when to expect another post. Plus, it’s more professional. It gives you credibility.
  10. Get a notebook  (Love this idea!! Great way to infuse yourself into your blog!)
    Divide it into sections and write down ideas when they come into your mind.
    Stuff I love, Stuff I hate, Stories of my Life, Things I Find Funny, Favorite Words, Attention grabbing headlines, things to remember
  11. You’re suppose to struggle
    Remember, it takes time to get there. Have faith, you will get there! Enjoy the process, YOLO.

These were just the tip of the iceberg! Check out these links to continue on with the tour and hear from other bloggers who took the class:

Consu Tolosa Art Blog and Baby Portraits
Scrapping Wonders by Beth Soler

More noteworthy sites April refers us to:
The Middle Finger Project


So, back to living authentic…. Do you ever feel like you have bottled yourself up so much in perfectionism, that you don’t even know where to begin cracking the glass you’ve encapsulated yourself in? …To get to the person you want to be? Well, I do. You ever just want to break out of your norm? I love change. What exactly does living authentic mean?  Well, you don’t need a list on this one, just follow your heart. Problem is, what if your heart changes depending on how the wind blows?

Today I am a watercolor painting, Roxy or OP kind of girl. It is Summer after all. On a cool day, it might  be acrylic painting with a scarf tied around my head, long brown hair flowing, no make up, puffy eyes, Boho style kind of girl. What does your ‘authentic’ look like?


Artisan Anniversary Earrings

My totally awesome hubby of 19 years got me these awesome artisan earrings! EEk! Now, I don’t get excited about jewelry often, but these are breathtaking! Love them! and him! He is so thoughtful!

Okay, so, if you want to see this artists other amazing work, check out her BOLDB Etsy page!



The care instructions that I received from Britta:

The best way to clean the wood and resin would be with conventional spray cleaner which you first spray on a cloth and then clean the surface with the cloth. Later you can put 1 or 2 drops of vegetable oil on a cloth and rub it in ( not too much). This makes the wood and resin look more shiny.

To clean the earring hooks a disinfection spray which you can usually get from jewellery would be a good choice.



Lilla Rogers Mats A & B REVIEW

Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells

Make Art That Sells * REVIEW *

There was a time when I never thought I could become a professional artist because I wasn’t sure how I could embrace new work (and still keep it mine). I felt resistance & doubt about my own abilities. Lilla Rogers reassuringly maps it out for you, but this is no get “commercial art” quick scheme, where you just read the directions and now you know…. It’s the experience, as a whole, that teaches you. It’s everything! … The directions, the guidance, the gentle reassurance, the experiences, the community, the freshness, the explosion of ideas!

Wow! Mats A and B have really taught me how to get past those issues, and SO much more!! These are invaluable lesson to ANYONE even considering commercial art, and most definitely, your straightest path to your commercial art goals! I feel confident now, that the only thing that could possibly hold me back, is my own inactivity.

Thanks so much for EVERYTHING, Lilla and Beth, for the fabulous course & art soul nourishment!

Please, don’t hesitate to ASK questions below or make comments based on your own experiences!

Vivayne 🙂

Let me share this cute little video made by  Antonija M, a MATS alumni.


Jell-o and Bootcamp

Hey there,

Just popping in today to show you this little tidbit of designs inspired by jiggly, wiggly….Jell-0….. Yep, that’s right Jell-0, as in the molds, the squares, the shots! oops...shhhh

In February, I signed up for the Lilla Roger’s bootcamp course to help me build my portfolio. This bootcamp is nothing like the first bootcamp I ever attended for the Air Force, no no, this one is much more fun!

You get one assignment per month, for 6 months, and yep, you guessed it, the March assignment was gelatin inspired!

Sweet Gelatin Girl

So, at first I was resistant, because I’m a REBEL like that… hmmm, what can I do here?… but then as I started drawing, it all just POURED OUT!  I was also INSPIRED by my daughter, who just turned 9, hence the reason I didn’t run with the RUM AND TEQUILA version I had in my head, haha. I did toy with red hair (which was great) and then brown hair, but IN THE END, went back to that blondish. I’m sure I will PLAY around with that in the future. I had a lot of FUN with this, drawing it, coloring it.

I am hoping to work myself out of this pillow SLING as soon as the physical therapist gives me the go, and REVISIT this design! I have lots of other tidbits to add and I really want to DEVELOP  this into something more than this single image. So if you like this, FRET NOT, I will be re-visiting it to add some patterns and play with color, etc. What kind of surface COULD YOU see these tidbits on? Or maybe a pattern of these designs on?

I submitted a super LIGHT version to the Lilla Rogers bootcamp page, but I think adjusting the levels (as above) helped, as you can see the difference.


post Surgery Selfie

Trying to smile through the pain for a selfie. just had shoulder surgery on Friday. Hey, can we just count this as my no make up breast cancer awareness pic, its all the rage on FB right now.. Thank goodness for instagram editing! I’m out of commission from drawing at the time. It’s putting a cramp in my creativity for sure.


This is really effecting my MATS class. Hooked up to calf compressor & icing machine. Compression socks & shoulder sling…ugh. Kind of stuck being attached to this machine.

But as you can see, I made it through the surgery,  safe & sound yay, so it’s on to physical therapy, bleh.  I will try to post some pictures of some previously made arts. I have a jello project to share with you, when I am up to sitting with the laptop. I’m posting from my cell phone.

Right now, it might be sleepy time.

Owl you join us?

Birthday Invite

Hi all, just wanted to share this little invite with you. I had to do it in a hurry so I nabbed some images I had setting aside that I still needed to develop. What do you think?
Owl you join us?

The Great Cuckoo Escape

Guess what? I received the following email about my newest cuckoo design, it said:

Hello Vivayne,
Congrats! We’re excited to let you know that your Print “The Great Cuckoo Escape” has been selected to be included in the Society6 Shop.

The Great Cuckoo Escape - Home Deco
The Great Cuckoo Escape – Home Deco

That means, not only is my newest cuckoo design in my personal Society6 store, it is also in the main Society6 store! Yay.

….And, even better news is that they gave me an AWESOME discount to promote my shop, so of course, I placed my order!! See the picture above 🙂 I can’t wait for it to arrive!

So, the deal is FREE SHIPPING and 5 BUCKS OFF and here is a PROMOTION link in case you feel like shopping too! I have only a few designs up so far. I should get some more in there!

Here is the original design I have posted on the Lilla Rogers website. I ended up cleaning up some of the texture for the phone case in Society6 though:

The Great Cuckoo Escape – IPhone Case

Super Cool and even FREE Valentines

Hi there. Just wanted to show you these adorable little Valentines printouts by artist Anda Corrie at Etsy. Best yet, they are free!! They are available at etsy, click the pictures to go there. Your little ones can decorate them however they want. Shoot, even I would decorate and give them out!! lol.  So fun and creative!

You will need:
Downloadable PDF (Go Here)
Thick paper or cardstock

Here is Anda’s cute blog!

What we have Forgotten

Today I come with a personal post. At some point for everyone, I think life gets heavy. Wrought with working, and surviving and trying to get ahead, raising kids (or whatever it is for you) life just gets heavy, ya know.

My friend Violet would say, it’s called growing into an adult, haha. Right, but I don’t know, I guess sometimes I wish I didn’t grow into an adult. I think the turning moment for me was when I joined the military. Yes, being in the Air Force taught me a lot. But at some point, I think I got a little too serious. I think I learned that perfection is a requirement.  You ever feel like you are just so wound tight that you are gonna blow your top? Maybe it’s part of our culture here. Busy is successful.

Today, I’m still fighting back that stupid idea of perfection that I have. Trying to allow myself to laugh more and joke more… yes even play more. Do I do all that already? Yes, but maybe with a filter. Wouldn’t it be nice to just allow yourself to just be you and maybe not hold back so much? Or let others just be them?

For example: As a child, our eyes were filled with wonder, we got excited, maybe even jumped up and down, pointing. When something wowed us, we really lit up. But, now we are like… been there, done that, or we temper our smile. But you know, even as an adult, I  see a rainbow or beautiful scenery, and my heart smiles, but then it is as if I have a filter that suppresses my outward expression of that, as if by being an adult, we have to be calm and cool. Maybe I am the only one that ever feels that way. But today I ran into this article by Rebelle Society, and it struck a chord. It made me want to ‘just let go’ and let others (especially my kids) let go, without judging (for talking too loudly or being imperfect, as we all are) The article is called, “Human Fire.” Hope it helps you to ‘let go’ a little.


Forever Mama - Wall Art

Painted with acrylics

Ready to Rock & Roll

So, I finished the amazing Mats course earlier this month & I’ve hit the ground running!  What can I say about it? Well….

I finally feel like I have some sense of what I need to do, to make MY art viable in the commercial art arena! Yes, it was that good. Not only did we gain a whole slew of knowledge,  but Lilla further enriched our experience by  cultivating an emotionally safe environment for us to flourish & connect in. This was an intensive course. A lot like an art boot camp, packed full of information and productive exercises.

I didn’t make a video like some of my classmates, however I was inspired by our Fairy Art Mother, Lilla Rogers, to keep trying new things, and here was the result…

Fairy Artmother - Portrait

Below is one of the screenshots of Lilla in our final class, in the video that inspired the portrait above. I would love to hear what you think.

Lilla MATS art course

Thanks a million to Lilla Rogers and Beth Kempton for an amazing 5 weeks!

If you would like to see other designs done during the course, take a look at my Portfolio. I posted a few of them there.


Vivayne 🙂

Art is JOY!


So, here is my week 2 assessment for my MATS course: HOME DECO

I LOVE this market. I had so much fun playing and matching plates up. I have never been into decorating much, mostly because I hate to throw out gifts people give me and I don’t have room for more (HA!) So I didn’t realize I would ENJOY it soooo much! It was loose and fun and felt freeing. FUN! So many possibilities!

For me: I think bathroom, kitchen and wall sculputres would be the funnest. Bedding the most difficult maybe.

Dream scenario: just to be commissioned by a company, working closely with them. Not a huge goal, but hey, it would be huge for me!

Forever Mama - Wall Art
Forever Mama – Wall Art


I learned: I think my strength is playing with the items I make in Photoshop, it’s very enjoyable. I need to make sure to cutoff my hand drawing time and make time to PLAY in PS.

Sometimes my heart starts racing because I get excited about what I’m doing, it starts flowing – THAT’s Joy! and THAT joy makes me feel like the possibilities are INFINITE! lol (Lilla!)

Drawing skills: I CAN DO IT. Don’t get discouraged by where I’m at in my walk. Just plug away and try to learn something new everyday.

Color Sense: I am really freaking out for colors & pastels. I can’t get away from them. I feel like I’m over the dull and ready to LIVE OUT LOUD. But that doesn’t take me to Retro like I’d hoped 😦

Art Style: kind of a hash up. :/ supplies and stepping out from this course has already helped! …and will continue to.

Grown: Not as scared to try new things. Trusting in my own abilities.

To work on: NOT COMPARING. You all are SUPER TALENTED. It’s hard not to, but my work comes out better when I don’t compare and I TRUST myself. Always room to learn and the RESEARCH Lilla has had us doing is creating a great HABIT that I will continue.

I NEED TO FIND MY EDGE. What every artist needs, right? This is mostly what I need to work on. Hopefully that comes with growing.

What would I say about my plates: Love the different looking flowers. Cute sayings and trim. Watercolor rocks. Great colors.


Dawn_Bouteiller_JoyousBroms_Week2 copy
Click to pic to see larger photo!
I’m so excited about designing these plates. It was so much fun and actually the first time I ever took the time to sit down and actually paint a design. I found it very fun to make and felt my scrapbooking experience a huge help.

SO! Which do you like better? The 4 on the left side, or the 4 on the right side?? I must know! lol.

Looking at last weeks design, I can see that it was very timed crunch. Things are so much better when not rushing. I can’t wait to go back and play and experiment with that casserole fabric!

Hope you enjoy looking 🙂 Have a blessed day!

4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie

I have been thinking (nearly every waking minute, haha) about designing again, now that I have more time., the digital scrapbook shop I sold my kits in, has shut off all designers except the owner. She, much like me, has had children, and run out of time for: designing, watching and paying designers. While I totally ready to move on, I am sad to see my little corner of the shop closed. I have been promised a welcome return, when the time comes. However, a new journey, for me begins.

4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie

So, I have decided to enter the contest this week. Above is my entry.  It was done a bit in a rush, but was fun to make, nonetheless!

There are tons of beautiful designs that will surely rank above mine.  This was basically an exercise for me. I just loved the idea of hand drawing pie (that was the subject). Of course, great minds think alike, because many of us have versions of the poem, Sing a Song of Sixpence.

Sing a song of sixpence,
A pocket full of rye.
Four and twenty blackbirds,
Baked in a pie.
When the pie was opened,
The birds began to sing;
Wasn’t that a dainty dish,
To set before the king?
The king was in his counting house,
Counting out his money;
The queen was in the parlor,
Eating bread and honey.
The maid was in the garden,
Hanging out the clothes,
When down came a blackbird
And pecked off her nose.I have been trying to decide if I should take this new art course. I love art. I am drawn to all things art and craft and creating. I loved creating digital kits but as I had more babies, I had less time.  With 2 of them in school all day now, I find I have time to begin designing again.

I had been praying for an answer: If I should or should not take this art course. I decided to make myself a deal. If I could get a halfway decent entry in (with only a few days left) to Spoonflower, then I could make time to commit to this art course.So, among tons of computer problems and shut downs, and things clearing out of my schedule that would have prevented me from making my deadline, I was actually able to get my entry in on time. Maybe that’s a sign?Pretty amazing after the issues I had, hahaaha.

I found that after I submitted my entry, there were several things I would add or change with my design, so I now know that having extra time will make my art better. However, for now, I will let it go and move on to the new art course I am taking.

I am super excited about this art class. I really need to hone in my style. I want to learn and grow and just….. well everything! I find that because I love everything so much, I haven’t perfected a style. (except for scrapbooking maybe) I just want to do ALL of them. I love modern but I love boho, I love watercolor and of course vintage and grunge! I guess, there are benefits and disadvantages to liking all of these styles. But I find making the decision to narrow it down daunting.

I love art. There was a time that I wanted to finish my degree, in art. When I talked this over with my Dad, I was told, why bother, you can’t make money in art.  He wasn’t trying to be negative, just realistic, practical. I believed that though. Many people believe that, I think. We are all creative in our own way. Sometimes we talk ourselves out of our own creativeness.The biggest hurdle for me is comparing to other people. There is ALWAYS someone better at everything we do… Someone smarter, someoene faster, someone more successful.  But, now, I think I know that if you follow your passion, use your God given talents, that true fulfillment will follow. Enjoy the process!! <——–I will have to remind myself of this again and again, lol. Squash the perfectionist in me 😉

I guess I should have learned a long time ago not to listen to naysayers, but hey, that’s part of life, learning who to listen to, who not to and making choices for yourself.

Looking back, it is the decisions I made for myself, the ones I trusted in, that were most rewarding. For instance, my decision to birth at home. To do real estate. To step out of any comfort level, haha.  I am extremely lucky to have a husband who supports me in all my adVENTURES 😀 but the one thing that remains….  I love to create, always have.

Life is a never ending process of making choices. Reminds me of those adventure books I use to read when I was growing up. I loved deciding whether I should go to page 320 or 150, and the book ends according to the decision I make. It’s often not until you get to the end, that you can see all the things you did wrong or right.As a child I use to sit and draw for hours…. or create or craft for hours. I love living in my imagination. My biggest challenge is getting what is in my head to look the same on paper, haha. I don’t think I have ever had taken a professional art class. Last night I drew a pirate. I had the idea of making it look mean….ARRrrrrrg… it came out the cutist looking little kid pirate. Not at all what I had in mind… cute but not mean, hahaha.

For the first time in my life, I really prayed about a decision… to take this new art course or not. I asked for direction. In that alone, I feel good about this new adventure. I am sure I will be posting some new creations here and there.This post is longer than expected. Just wanted to do a little catching up. So, for any of you that may be reading this, I sure hope you will come along with me.<3  Vivayne

Kids Say the Funniest Things

So I have to post how funny my kids are. My 4 year old (A) says to hubby the other day, “Daddy, God puts me in my bed everynight…. hehehe, but I come back in with you! HAHAHAAAAA” Silly girl. She thinks she is getting away with something by coming back in to our bed, lol. She is also into poop. Did I tell you she is the practical joker of the bunch! lol. I love that girl! My other, my 2 year old (H), she has started this new thing, “Awwwww, poor me” hahahaa, she says it all the time, usually with her name in place of ‘me’. But isn’t that the funniest thing, she wants pitty, lolol. Cutie. She loves to dance. Anytime she hears music, her little body starts moving. Almost like she just can’t help it, and she’s been that way since I can remember! One thing is for sure, she loves being the baby. And my oldest, (K) well she’s just a sweetie pie. She is the leader of the pack. Her favorite things are ballet and piano and making up things for the 3 of them to play pretend. Love my cutie pies!

And last but not least, some vintage style designs. I do hope you enjoy!

My Vintage Love Free Quick Page

Hi there!

I have something new, well old, okay !!VINTAGE!! and newly altered, to share with you! Hahahaha.

I think you will love what it has to offer! Papers, ATC’s and ephemera created with authentic vintage floral images. I haven’t seen anything else quite like it…. romantic and lovely as ever!

Check out the new “MY VINTAGE LOVE” page kit:

Here you can see just the papers:

And of course, I have a FREEBIE for you, which you can pick up in my shop!!

Also NEW in the shop, are some beautiful vintage stamps, curled and distressed:

and these beautiful frames:

Sure hope you enjoy these GENUINE vintage images and kit creations! I can’t wait to see what you make with them!

…….a little birdie told me……shhhhhh…. there is a free vintage sampler kit coming to my shop soon…… check in soon to find it!


So, my 1 and a half year old (H) has a favorite color. You guessed it, pink. Yesterday I tried to giver her a pair of pants and she absolutely refused. She started yelling, “pink, pink, pink” and didn’t stop till I pulled out a pair of pink shorts to wear. Lovely, now my littlest one wants to pick her own clothes too! Ha! Other than that, she just basically loves to dance and lights up when the music starts.

On another note, my 3 and a half year old (A) has decided to cut her own hair! Yep, again. As I made her lunch, she gave herself a mullet. I immediately started damage control and cut some layers in, but she definitely needs to go get a hair cut… ugh. She is my fiesty one. Hard on the outside and soft on the inside. She says she likes her hair. That’s my girl.

My 6 year old (K) loves to roller skate and dance around the house in ballet shoes and any pretty skirt or dress she can find. I catch her picking books out and sitting quietly to read. I love that. She really is quite sweet. Right now she is playing her first season of baseball. She loves to do that.

I just started playing softball again after not playing for about 6 years. Once I got my prescription for contacts fixed, I’m suprised at how I just jumped back in and played like before. Only difference is I’m bigger and a bit slower. I am looking forward to losing some weight and feeling athletic in my body as I do in my mind. Monday we played ball. Almost everyone pulled their quads, we were missing a few players and everyone was out of position, but hey, we played with heart and I was proud of everyone for that.

Hubby brought home some flowers for me. He is a sweetie pie.

My mom is going to be here to visit in a week. Haven’t seen her for a while and the kids miss her much, so that will be nice.

Well, that’s about it for now. TTFN!

Doll Face

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Have you ever seen a sweeter face. I fall in love with it again & again. Part of the reason why I love nursing, these would be missed moments, I think, lost in the hustle & bustle of life. My little baby is not so little anymore. She will be 2 in June!

Time flies so fast.. My oldest just turned 6! We had a great birthday bash.

I started playing softball again, after 5 years or so, not playing. Caught myself being afraid of the ball. The number one no no. I have no more shoulder muscles, they’ve dwindled away over the years. Despite all of that, I still found myself enjoying it.

The best part of practice so far was batting practice with my sweet little 3 year old yelling from the dugout, “hit the ball Mom” & cheering me on. I didn’t acknowledge her cheers (not wanting to miss a pitch) but my heart did fly.


I just wanted to share with everyone some of the things I’ve made as gifts. I haven’t kept up on posting them all,  so here goes…

This little pink one kind of slipped while I was making it (from the super soft material), so I had to make adjustments. It’s suppose to resemble Boo Bear. I made this one recently for my husband’s friend, Dave, had a newborn baby girl.

These two are also Boo Bears. They were made for my husband’s friend, Jason, who had twin babies! Yay for twins!!

Here are the cutest little Whimsy Dolls, called Wittle Whimsies…
These were my first attemps. I made them with care bear material. I didn’t really take my time sewing and it shows in the crooked little doggie head. But they are still cuties. These are headed for an orphanage in Mexico, along with the next one below.

I do like the colors of this one a wittle better 😉 lol.

Here is a bunny I made.  My daughter wanted a Velveteen Rabbit so I made this with super soft minky and a Christmas fabric, added a puffy tail too.

I am working on some Mae Dolls. I will try to remember to post when they are done 😉 My daughters both put in their request and I have some special girls (family) to make gifts for. All these adorable patterns are from Bit of Whimsy Dolls. You can buy the patterns or dollies for yourself  **here**.

On another note, I am finishing up on a digital scrapbooking kit… Vintage kit, loves floral, tattered edges etc. Can’t wait to release it 😉

Valentines Stuff

What have we been up to lately….
We had Valentines Day. Got flowers from Daddy (got them a few days early), and chocolates, not pictured (yummmm). We do things kind sporadically here. There are no rules. Sometimes he will get me a necklace, sometimes just a card, but in our house, we like it that way. No rules, no expectations or hurt feelings. We are simply happy either way…

This year we made cookies for Daddy…
*idea came from here*

Can you tell he likes Spiderman. Once I saw this idea (link above) I just had to make these! Didn’t they turn out awesome. We made them lemony 😉
My little baby H puts her own touch…

From my little A, my 3 year old…

My oldest K decorated these…

I put the eyes on that one for her.

And then they wanted to package them all up for him, so we did…

packages tied up with strings…my favorite things 😉

Steak dinner to top off the day. The End.

Here’s what the roses look like now. They started to wilt, so I cut them down to nothing (so they can drink) and put them in a bubble vase. They perked right up.



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Okay so, this is a typical scene at my house. One child really upset and the other is really happy…usually at the expence of one another…. little stinkers! The little one, just along for the ride! lol.