I Spy Swap for Spoonflower

I am so excited. I signed up for a fabric swap. We have 56 people in the swap. Wow, right? Anyway, each person buys 2 yards of fabric, cuts each yard into 56 squares and sends them (112 total) to one person who then distributes them to everyone. All fabrics are from www.spoonflower.com and made by individual artists. Here are the 2 fabrics I chose:

This one is “Forest Frolic” by Decobot and I just love it!! It is just as adorable as can be!

This is one is “Somewhere”. I designed it with my Out To Play Kit. It is very cheerful!

So they are all cut and ready to mail and seperated. I have to say, it was very close. I almost didn’t have enough fabric to make 56 out of each. Matter of fact I did have a little trouble with the “Somewhere” print above but luckily I bought some extra (on a larger scale, below) and I was able to make the extra 5 squares with that. It took away from my own personal stash (good thing I ordered the extra) but hey – thank goodness I was able to stay within the rules and give everyone Spoonflower fabric (special individual designs). Here is a look at the special blocks I had to cut from my own:

So, now I just have to print the directions and take the squares down to the post office. Crafterhours is putting on this swap. Special thanks to her for all the work it takes to organize! I better go check deadline! lol.

Hope you all are doing well out there in the digi world! Have a great night!

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