Sneak Peak

Hi everyone,

I know it has been a long time since my last release, boy was it hard to get motivated after having this baby and adjusting to 3 kids instead of 2. My kids have all needed extra attention to feel loved and cherished and I have tried to give them that. In the meantime, here and there, I have managed to create a neverending (well almost!) kit.

This kit was requested by a couple people. You may recognize some of the papers from my commercial use Bloomin Brushes… Well people liked the previews so much, they asked for a kit with them. I was happy to oblige and almost couldn’t stop from creating more and more! So, this kit is a gigantic kit with tons of stuff and a free mini kit, and it is all my way of saying thank you!

Here is a sneak peak. I still have to rename all my files and bundle them up nice and neat. I just love the colors, I hope you do too!


Here is the preview of the free min that will be released this week!

2 thoughts on “Sneak Peak

  1. This is gorgeous and love the colors. Can’t wait to play with it… I was just wondering today when you were going to come out with it. 🙂

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