Doll Face

Originally uploaded by vivayne

Have you ever seen a sweeter face. I fall in love with it again & again. Part of the reason why I love nursing, these would be missed moments, I think, lost in the hustle & bustle of life. My little baby is not so little anymore. She will be 2 in June!

Time flies so fast.. My oldest just turned 6! We had a great birthday bash.

I started playing softball again, after 5 years or so, not playing. Caught myself being afraid of the ball. The number one no no. I have no more shoulder muscles, they’ve dwindled away over the years. Despite all of that, I still found myself enjoying it.

The best part of practice so far was batting practice with my sweet little 3 year old yelling from the dugout, “hit the ball Mom” & cheering me on. I didn’t acknowledge her cheers (not wanting to miss a pitch) but my heart did fly.

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