So my oldest, K, wanted a dolly that would look like her favorite baby “just dolly”. Yes, Just Dolly, is the baby’s name. So, with Christmas coming, I thought I would try to make a prototype….

This is the scene yesterday. But ughhhhh, all that work and the doll is probably the ugliest doll you’ve ever seen. Maybe I’ll post a picture of her later. I don’t see her around here right now.

Okay, here she is…without and with a dress.

It looks like she needs fatter more baby like legs that point in rather than out, shorter arms and a fatter head. Maybe some felt hair too like Bit of Whimsy dolls have. The one good thing that came from it is her body. I wanted a dolly that had a hiney or spot to sit on rather than flopping over. I think that portion turned out pretty good at least. … but boy is she ugly! haha

P.S. Get a load of those eyes!! Are they hilarious!! They are sew on buttons. They aren’t washable but that’s okay. K picked them out for her other dolly but decided to use them on this one, hilarious right!

What say you?

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