I just wanted to share with everyone some of the things I’ve made as gifts. I haven’t kept up on posting them all,  so here goes…

This little pink one kind of slipped while I was making it (from the super soft material), so I had to make adjustments. It’s suppose to resemble Boo Bear. I made this one recently for my husband’s friend, Dave, had a newborn baby girl.

These two are also Boo Bears. They were made for my husband’s friend, Jason, who had twin babies! Yay for twins!!

Here are the cutest little Whimsy Dolls, called Wittle Whimsies…
These were my first attemps. I made them with care bear material. I didn’t really take my time sewing and it shows in the crooked little doggie head. But they are still cuties. These are headed for an orphanage in Mexico, along with the next one below.

I do like the colors of this one a wittle better 😉 lol.

Here is a bunny I made.  My daughter wanted a Velveteen Rabbit so I made this with super soft minky and a Christmas fabric, added a puffy tail too.

I am working on some Mae Dolls. I will try to remember to post when they are done 😉 My daughters both put in their request and I have some special girls (family) to make gifts for. All these adorable patterns are from Bit of Whimsy Dolls. You can buy the patterns or dollies for yourself  **here**.

On another note, I am finishing up on a digital scrapbooking kit… Vintage kit, loves floral, tattered edges etc. Can’t wait to release it 😉

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