How to Plan a Wedding in only 24 hours!

Oh, you thought I was joking, no seriously, it can be done. I know this for sure, because well, I just did it! My hubby says I’m crazy…and well I think he was right. My feet are sore, my back is sore, but it was all worth it to see their happy faces surprised and happy as can be.

The scoop, well it all started with a joke…well we thought it was a joke and paid no attention to her but then when I asked “So what is your plan then…not eloping..wish we could be there…want a Vegas wedding? Take the plunge right off our grotto! Take time & invite everyone up here! Lol. I could dream though right!” she says to see my husbands text…what! I thought that was a joke, nope. Now there is even less time, yikes!!

So, I began with the ring pillow. It was half ready. I had to add flowers, add ribbon, add stuffing into it and hand sew it shut. Then grab a basket I had laying around and a little vintage white lace (I bought at a yard sale, I’m kind of obsessed with vintage laces etc) to line the flower basket, that’ll do. Here is a picture of my two girls with them:

Then I started brainstorming weddings, what next. Write a list, gather all the milk glass I have collected over the years, gather crafts like floral tapes and ribbons that I already had etc. Freak out because it is going to be a night wedding and there just isn’t enough light. Write on FB that I desperately need help!

Gather every candle and candle holder I can find!

Go shopping at Costco, oh I love costco. Buy dinner (lasagna & rolls) and the cake…. 

buy tons of beautiful gourmet swiss chocolates…

get gourmet chocolate covered cookies (in for the holidays, thank goodness) and cream puffs!

and flowers, oh yes the flowers, they were beautiful, fabulous quality and choices…

This is the bouquet and bouteneir, at about 1 a.m. in the morning when I made it the night before! Trying to keep the mess contained in the sink, but it is much more efficient to just make a mess and clean it up after.

Okay, sleep for a few hours, then to make all the magic happen. Oh crud, what kind of seating will we have. Contact Discovery Church, they come to my rescue and DELIVER!! chairs and an extra table. Yay, thank goodness friends!! Jason and Genevieve arrive to help with my 3 kids, thank goodness. I start cleaning the backyard that is tore up from the puppies and full of puppy toys and dog bones and rib bones and trash that has blown in. We move the gigantuous teeter taughter out of the way… sweep etc.

This is, of course, after the ceremony during the reception later that night. You see that rock waterfall in the background, lit by candles, that is where the ceremony took place, here is a close up:

Try to figure out the best location to put everything with only two tables. Finally settle on this:

Not all the candles are lit, for fear they would burn out before everyone got there. Worry about lighting, but again my friends save the day with 2 tiki torches.

And this is another area by the back door, where we set up dinner and sweets, by the spa.

Hubby gets home with extra table clothes, yayaay. He feeds the kids, cleans the pool and starts the lasagna for me! What a guy!! I whip up some lemonade for the milk glass pitcher. My friends make more lemonade for backup, pop that in the fridge. Call my cousin, beg for her to bring my neice to get my 3 kids ready and help pick up toys, the begging works, thank you thank you thank you. Everything is ready for setup. String ribbons thru the milk glass, put goodies out and on the tables that finally have all the linens (at 4 pm mind you, wedding starts at 630) Throw together arrangements as fast as possible, send them out with friends for the tables. Quickly make the bouteneir for Roger, our minister. Make and attach florals to the cake knife, the 2 wine glasses, the flower basket and dress the plain white cake with flowers. Pull petals and fill up the flower basket, snap flower off and float them in the pool, pull petals off and spread around the tables and the lawn.  Yell about the baby being watched, just to be sure no one gets too relaxed about it… pray for God to keep my kids from getting near the pool and drowning! Bride arrives. Switch shirts, damn, no time for a shower) Stress about the bride getting up the grotto… she decided to go without the 6 inch heels, good call! Send someone out with baby’s breath for the candle holders. Pick up a few messy ends and voila, it is done.

The bride and groom get married…..

Take the plunge!! It all happened so fast, this is the only photo we have!

They are as happy and handsome as can be!

As you can see, just beautiful, especially for having just jumped a 5 foot drop off into a 73 degree pool! (though the children didn’t jump)

And… we all sit around enjoying each other’s company… laughing and smiling, eating dinner, and munching on chocolates and cream puffs and cookies…

She opens my daughter’s drawing of her and her new hubby, so cute!

 and we watch the lights twinkle..

…till we ALMOST forgot the cake!!

It was a great time. Cake was flying!

I did learn a few things… most everyone always plans weddings during the day, but I gotta tell ya, being outside near nature and by candle light with the gentle breezes and the fresh air was so romantic and refreshing… People should plan evening weddings more often! Another thing is this… you can plan for months but things will still happen (i.e. children getting stagefright, as in my wedding) (someone tripping, pictures not coming out, mishaps, miswordings, supplies don’t come in on time etc) It’s better to go in it not expecting perfection and being more loose and carefree like these guys were than it is to expect the world and then likely be let down or too uptight & uppity to really enjoy it. This was really keeping it real, attitudes were great, the bride had no expectations, and the groom was very appreciative. Finally, I learned that a small wedding really can be just as wonderful, if not better than a large one. The difference being, it is a more intimate setting, where you can really visit with your guests and enjoy the time you have. You can focus more on your new spouse, rather than being caught up in the workings of a huge wedding and being pulled in every direction with ever person. While not everyone feels this way, it is just something to keep in mind, if you’re planning a wedding…. p.s. never ever attemp this at home!!! Hahahaa!

The End

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