Valentines Stuff

What have we been up to lately….
We had Valentines Day. Got flowers from Daddy (got them a few days early), and chocolates, not pictured (yummmm). We do things kind sporadically here. There are no rules. Sometimes he will get me a necklace, sometimes just a card, but in our house, we like it that way. No rules, no expectations or hurt feelings. We are simply happy either way…

This year we made cookies for Daddy…
*idea came from here*

Can you tell he likes Spiderman. Once I saw this idea (link above) I just had to make these! Didn’t they turn out awesome. We made them lemony 😉
My little baby H puts her own touch…

From my little A, my 3 year old…

My oldest K decorated these…

I put the eyes on that one for her.

And then they wanted to package them all up for him, so we did…

packages tied up with strings…my favorite things 😉

Steak dinner to top off the day. The End.

Here’s what the roses look like now. They started to wilt, so I cut them down to nothing (so they can drink) and put them in a bubble vase. They perked right up.

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