I am me

Well, I am me, there is no sense apologizing for it. Today I didn’t want to hear some gossip. Rather than say just that, I decided to say positive things. That irritated the person, I think, so I was just short with them.  The person talking to me didn’t like it and got pretty P.O. ‘d at me, oh well, I guess. It use to be so good with us. I use to sit and listen and offer up an opinion. I don’t know, maybe sitting and listening is better but today I just didn’t feel like doing it. I don’t want to speculate, I don’t want to judge… I sit here and wonder how much of my own life is judged by this person. Either way, I guess I am me and that is that.

On another note, my kids are awesome.  A (3 yr old)  is just as sweet as can be. K (5 yr old) is growing up too fast and starting to grow out of those 4 year old habits and into a little lady, and H (1 yr old) is so fun and playful and smiley. It makes my day that I can be home with them all day long, but boy do they keep me busy. I am also so very greatful that my husband works so hard everyday so that we can have a nice life together. Life does just feel like it is passing by me and I’m not sure that I like that. You know we often measure our days by how much we accomplish. This is so hard for a Mom. All the things we accomplish seem to fade away with the day and by day’s end, it really feels like nothing. I did accomplish something today, the preview below for SgD’s Free October Daily Download. But in the grand scheme of things, making digitals and making fun fabric patterns… they don’t really mean squat when compared to the importance of having, being with and raising children.

This kit will be available in October, hope you enjoyed the little sneak peak!

I saw this really sweet quote on photobucket that I think could be used for scrapbooking:

Oh why’d you have to be so cute? It’s impossible to ignore you. 

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