My baby can swim!!

Had a nice day and a fabulous dinner. We met my Mom’s friends Linda and Selvyn. Very nice people. Jason bbq’d some awesome steaks, we had loaded baked potatoes and salad. Then we went swimming, which felt awesome. The weather was perfect for swimming.

MY 2 YEAR OLD swam today!!!! yeahhhh baby, so proud!! She kicked to her Daddy and to her Grumpa and to me, awesome, she is so brave!! She even jumps off the top of the grotto, about a 4 or 5 foot drop to the water 🙂 So, today she says to me, I don’t want to jump in front of Linda, I am not her friend (because she doesn’t know her) I want to be with my best friend. I asked her who is her best friend and she said “mine Daddy” awwwww how sweet is that!  The whole reason we have kids. I told her that she had to go tell her Daddy that. He loved it, of course.

Then he tells me that while they were in the car today, she told him that “stupid ass” is a bad word, he said, “yes it is” and that he didn’t want her to say that anymore, so she asked “if I do, are you going to beat my ass?”  😮 Doh!!!  I guess I have to take blame for that, sometimes when they push my buttons and I just can’t take anymore, I say that (hoping that if I say it mean enough I won’t actually have to)… but I have no idea where she came up with stupid ass!! wow!! Maybe hubby said that about the dogs… But this little one, she says things just to crack jokes, our little joker, I know she was totally trying to get her Daddy’s goat! She comes up with crazy knock knock jokes and does things backwards just to tease us. She even says, “no, I’m just teasing” What a character.

On another note, my oldest helped me ice a heart shaped cake today, I should have got pictures, it came out so good. She was very excited to cut it and serve it to our guests today. She got the forks and the plates and took the peices over to each person. She just loves to do those crafty type of things!

Okay, so it’s late, gotta sign off!

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