My Heavy Heart

Hi all. I know I usually post good and cheery stuff here, but not today. 

I did have a nice day today with my kids, arranging and playing with their toys, made a cake, took a walk (great weather here in Las Vegas). Tried to go to bed at 9:30 but I remembered I had cream cheese icing down stairs that needed finishing or it would have gone bad. After that, I got online to play catch up on facebook and I saw the most horrifying video of animal treatment. It was obominable and disgusting and this abuse comes comes from farms all around America. We, American consumers, are supporting this kind of treatment, unless you are vegan.

DO NOT WATCH THIS WITH KIDS AROUND!! DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE AT WORK!! DISTURBING VIDEO I struggled with wether or not I should post this video, i could hardly watch through the whole thing. I guess I am compelled to, not to torture you, but to spread awareness so that things like this are no longer overlooked., even the way they treat kosher animals

I have always had a feeling of not wanting to eat meat, so I could easily become a vegetarian, and the only reason I haven’t already changed I guess is that it’s inconvenient, don’t really like to cook or know how to cook that way. So, I am guilty of being lazy by not figuring it out.

So why am I writing today. Well, I guess I am just feeling a bit frustrated. Super frustrated with this BP oil leak, spewing into our ocean, killing our animals, possibly throwing our whole ecosystem out of balance. It has been spewing thousands of gallons of oil into the ocean for at least 35 days now!! Has our govt. stepped up and done anything, no. Have the people done anything, rally, march, picket, well, not really. Is anyone paying attention, my God I hope so. Can I change myself and NOT be a hypocrite… I pray so. I have written to all of my govt officials. I am discouraged at our govt for letting this oil company continue to try to salvage this catastrophe and for allowing commercial companies to be above…everything… Let the oil spew into our oceans, let it be poluted more, let farmers abuse, no I mean really abuse animals that will be our food, our energy. Let’s consume the animals pain and suffering, mmmm does that taste good to you. I don’t know, I am so frustrated. People are just idle, feeling helpless, or listless, or whatever. Day by day, our govt takes away more rights, wait wait, I mean we give our govt more of our freedoms so that it will take care of us, we hand our freedoms away, we eat meats and products from utterly abused animals. People have been irresponsible and abusive to this planet (me included) that we call God’s creation, it’s time we start treating it like it’s God’s creation and love it properly. To do so is not to put down creation but to appreciate it.

Well, anyway, maybe you see where I’m coming from… Maybe it’s just a bunch of drama to you. Tonight I will be going to bed with a heavy heart and many prayers for a better tomorrow for our world. I hope that you will say a prayer too.

If you want to contact your govt and request them to ACT NOW regarding these OIL SPILLS!! Big Corps have these politicians in their pockets, they need to know how we feel!! Find your leaders with this link! It’s easy, then cut and paste your letter to each one. It takes 5 minutes to do the right thing, DONT BE selfish about your time, just do it!

Congress & Senate:


If you need the last 4 to your zip code go here:


I write to you today, concerning the lack of progress on the oil spill off the coast of Louisiana. News reports have been sketchy, to say the least, concerning the size of this man-made disaster. According to many news reports, it has … See Morecome across, that a foreign entity, on and just off our shores, has taken over control of our national … See Moresovereignty, concerning how this environmental offense will be handled. BP, the company in question, has spent the last month doing all they can to avoid capping this well, in order to keep it a viable, producing well. Remember, they were just days away from going from an exploratory well to a production well. They have possibly caused more harm in their spraying of dispersants that have already been banned by the United Kingdom, as being too toxic. This spraying, to many Americans, appears as nothing more than chemical cover-up by BP to cause the oil to sink into the deeper levels in the water column, so as to NOT be seen from above.
I’ve talked to many people about the indolence and political ineptitude by our leaders in D.C. Many feel that this is an issue of great importance. The magnitude of the destruction to our ocean from the neglect of our government to do “the right thing” could, not only cause already near extinct sea life into full extinction, but also throw the ecosystem out of balance, with catastrophic results.
If Washington does not get a handle on this, and soon, you may all find yourselves out of work come the next election cycle. Forget who you owe favors to, due to their largess to your re-election fund, forget the lovely time you had at their junkets. Do what is right by the American people. Do what is right by the planet. PUSH for investment in alternative energy. PUSH for publicly financed campaigns. Quit letting the corporations around the globe adulterate this great country. It is time to cut the strings off the puppets and take a stand to purify what has been polluted. But first, go into Congress and start raising hell over this travesty in the Gulf of Mexico.
I really hope you or your constituents realize how vehement the public is about this. We are tired and we are fed up. We voted you in to represent us, now do it.

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