Birthday Girl

Hi everyone. My little one is  a year old already, so hard to believe. We got back from Northern NV and enjoyed ourselves very much. Now we are home though and it feels so good. We went to the movies. We saw Marmaduke and Karate Kid. They were both pretty good movies and the kids were great. I picked up the house and it’s all nice. So glad to be home in my king size bed since we have all these kids climbing in with us. 

So we are celebrating her one year birthday on Saturday but I couldn’t help myself I had to play with her today. We played peak a boo behind the toys and behind the couch and I chased her around the play area in the house.  She laughed a ton and we had so much fun. This birthday is bittersweet for me. I am so proud of how super smart she is even though she is so small… but I just don’t want my baby to grow up 😦 I love this baby, I tell you, I just love her. I love all my kids. Jason reminded me of how my middle babe use to say she wanted to eat a hot woof instead of a hot dog, so funny. And how we would tell her to say Waaaa Ter and she would say Waaaa and we would tell her now say Ter and she would say Ter and we would tell her, now say Waaa Ter and she would say Waaaaa Waaaa. So funny. My oldest, so cute I can still hear her sweet little voice saying Tah Tue Mommy, Tah Tue… that meant Thank You.

So, I have to say that I just loved that I had there for me when I had my children. I hope that any of you who are pregnant will attend meatings and see what a WONDERFUL support system it is. They really helped me to follow my instincts and to not blindly listen to interfering friends or family, but just to do what I felt is right (follow my instincts). Sometimes it is good to know that other people have been where you are and that it all worked out and that their kids are bright and smart and wonderful.  They taught me about attachment parenting, about baby wearing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, teething… all sorts of stuff and I was blessed to have them there for me when I needed!! I hope this crosses someone’s mind and will actually motivate them to the beautiful experience that awaits.

I’m tired, so goodnight all and God bless! Tonight I get to think about what a fabulous baby I have who is entering her toddlerhood! I am so very thankful for my blessed family!! I cannot even express my feelings of gratitude tonight for my great fortune and blessings!

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