Gone Digital

Hey guys!
How’s your week?  Oh my gosh, I have to share this with you. There’s a course, coming up I have to take! Maybe you wanna take it with me?

So, …. you know that I absolutely LOVE to create. Well, I ran across this course that April Bowles is teaching. You remember, I blogged about her from  Marketing for Creatives, that e-book? It was the bees knees! This course is called ‘Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep’.

That sounds awesome, right?! Who doesn’t wanna make money while they sleep? 😀

So anyway, it’s a live class and it’s free, but you can pay for it if you want to watch it later. I already clicked over and RSVP’d so I could get the workbook, plus I wanted the reminder. You should totally check it out. It might be something you would like.

Here are some ideas on what you could maybe sell:

1. books
2. digital art
3. printable art
4. craft projects
5. instructional materials
6. recipes
7. activities
8. music
9. apps
10. tutorials

Most of you already know that I have a background creating and selling digital scrapbooking stuff (pretty consistently before having kids.) At this point, my littlest miss, is in Kindergarten and I’m dying to get back to designing. So, I’m stoked about this class! I totally want to sell some digital art products and printables, for crafting and DIY.

Yep! Love all that stuff. You didn’t know? You NEED to check out my PINTEREST and get to know me better. 😀 This CUTE & CRAFTY  board is especially great for ‘do it yourself’ ideas!

Okay, so I had to share that with you. I hope you check out her class.

You HAVE TO share what you would sell! Or…. what you think I should sell! What kind of printables would you love to have access to? What will you create and sell? CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR from you! Maybe even drop a link in the comments below when you get your item up for sale!

Okay, gotta run, but if you’re in the live chat, be sure to say Hi!

❤ Vivayne

“Are you ready to make your creative work more lucrative, stable, and sustainable in the long-term? Join April Bowles-Olin for an introduction to digital products and how they can enhance your creative business. This course will show you how to produce and position viable products for generating multiple revenue streams and passive income. RSVP right here to watch it live and get access to the workbook for FREE. This post is part of the Create Digital Products blog tour.”

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29 thoughts on “Gone Digital

  1. Yay Jen, hope you do stick around! Haha, techie questions, maybe not a good idea. I’m better at the need ideas and motivation questions, lol.

  2. Susan, thanks so much. I wish I had more finished art to share with you! I have tons of sketches but many not finished 🙂 Can’t wait to share them in group!

  3. hijennybrown thanks for the follow! I can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleave! It’s all so exciting! See you there 😀

  4. Hi, Vivayne! Cool post (and I am already following all your pinterest boards :)) I already sell crochet patterns, but I’m looking to expand my downloads further. “See” you in class!

  5. Thanks Kris! I have been so busy with classes and not doing as much art as I’d like! Can’t wait to have something to share!! lol.

  6. Beautiful stuff, Vivayne! Can’t wait to see what you create next. It’s fun, fun, fun, right?


  7. Vivayne I love your header. And you make it all seem so fun and effortless. So many great ideas! All the best!

  8. Nice to meet you via the blog tour! SO many exciting creative here, everyone’s passion is totally contagious and I love it. Looking forward to connecting with everyone via the live course next month.

  9. I really don’t know much about digital scrap booking, but I’m totally intrigued now!

    For my digi-products, I’m reworking my freebie (which is called 30 Days of Creative Abandon), and turning it into an awesome ecourse. Then I want to do a version for parents to do with their kids…trying to figure out what else I need!!

  10. Michael, I’m so pleased you like them! I’m eager to learn, so exciting! I’ll look for you in the chat! 😀

  11. Your digital papers are beautiful! And I can’t wait to browse around the rest of your site. I love digital scrapbooking — and Pinterest — so you have a friend in me! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm with us. I look forward to learning alongside you this November with April online! Best of luck!!!

  12. So glad I read your post today – you now have another Pinterest follower because I just adore those beautiful bridges and gazebos (and a whole lot if other stuff too)!

  13. Haha, it’s ok tunicbotik. I’m obsessed, now it’s all out in the open, lol. I love that you like my boards! That means we have the same taste!

  14. Hi Lisa 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion! Really love to hear them! There is lots about that at scrapbooking websites or software websites for free, if you fancy a look.

    The reason you probably find it difficult to add text to pictures, etc is probably that you need a program to do it. Most photo editing programs give you the ability to do that.

    You may have one on your computer already. If not, you can get Gimp for free or pay $30 (ish) for something really nice like Photoshop Elements and then you get directions for that particular program.

    If you have an Apple or Note phone, you can actually hand write on your photo with an app, right on your phone. That’s really fun! Just have to look in your app store for one.

    If you could create a bookkeeper instructional for creatives, that would be awesome!! Problem is, it is so hard for creatives to do the business side of things. Haha, it would have to be quick, to the point, fun and easy to apply to real life, if it’s for artists! Hope you do, we could use it! 😀

  15. Hi Vivayne! I’m not very good at scrapbooking, but I love all the digital stuff, and if you could make a digital guide on how to incorporate the skills into a business website I would love that! Things as simple as adding text to a picture, because I don’t do very well on those. As for me, I’m a bookkeeper and would like to create ebooks on helping small businesses bookkeep for themselves.

  16. I’m super excited to see what you have to teach us! Thanks so much April, for putting the class together and giving us a chance at exposure too!

  17. Thank you so very much for participating in this blog tour! I can’t wait to see the stuff you design and create. Sounds like my course might give you just the boost you need to get back into it. I hope so anyways!

  18. Super cool, Vivayne! Love your Pinterest! I am trying to get more into it.
    Yay, I am looking forward to April’s CL course 🙂

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