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Check this little project out. I went upstairs to fix some of the kids clothes, cleared off my sewing desk and ended up making something else too. Looks like I’m gonna have to re wash it, couldn’t get those dang wrinkles out. But, it’s not bad, for scrap fabric, right! Not sure what it would be good for, maybe a bed pillow? It’s about 18 in x 14.

Applique Sail Boat - from scrap fabrics
Applique Sail Boat – from scrap fabrics

Anyway ya’all, can I just tell you how excited I am? I’m on this new artistic adventure! I feel like I just can’t contain all this creativity! Have you ever felt like that? I have all these ideas, and I can’t get ’em all out quick enough. I have to admit, I have been holding back a bit. I have tons of sketches that I want to turn into collections, patterns and artworks (for commercial use), but I’m concerned that I don’t have a style pinned down. I don’t want to do this half assed.  I need to figure out my brand values and make sure everything is cohesive… consistent. So, I have been busy taking business courses, branding courses, illustrator courses, everything courses! So much to learn! Right now I feel like I am expanding….I’m gonna burst! (not that way, I actually lost 10 lbs, yay me!)

Also, thinking forward: I’m wondering who would love my artwork most? Who could I MOST impact? and… How can I really make a difference? The more I think about it, the more I think of crafters, like me. This is causing me to think about what I can provide, that would help people be creative… Or, what would enable people to hand make beautiful things themselves, with my artwork. I’m not sure how I can move forward with this AND do commercial art, but it sounds kind of fun, right?

Right now I’m taking some classes on Illustrator, something I have put off for way too long. And I’m taking the Smart Creative Women class, to help me get my aesthetic pinned down. If you’ve been following my Pinterest, you’ll notice I’ve been pinning a crap ton lately. I’m trying to really curate boards of things that really appeal to me, so I can move forward with my business vision.

Some things I noticed so far:

1. handmade, heart made, special
2. anything of or like nature
3. intimate settings, ambiance, low roar
4. grandeur, massive, amazing
5. beauty, pretty things, cuteness
6. vitality, fervency, energy
7. liberty, freedom
8. playfulness, silliness, fun
9. loyalty, friendship, togetherness
10. contentedness, satisfaction
11. adventure, exploration, wanderlust, discovery
12. inspiration, encouragement, faith, spiritual connectedness
13. light, reflection, bouncing rays
14. modern, simple, eye catching
15. feelings of nostalgia, vintage, aged, distressed, of another time
16. edginess, pushing boundaries, spunk
17. strength, bravery
18. cleverness, thoughtfulness, wittiness
19. intelligence, smartness, crafty
20. soft, dreamlike
21. excellence

Phew, that was a long list. But you know, it’s easy to say, ya, I really value that, in hindsight but until you really dig in, you might not realize what really resonates with you… maybe you value Assurance, Attentiveness, Giving, Entertainment, Fashion, Health, Extravagance, Justice, Obedience, Logic, Perfection, Truth, Stability.

Does something in that list resonate with you? I’m curious to know what? Leave it in the comments below 😀

Have a fab day!

4 thoughts on “Smart Creative

  1. That is a great list, I agree with a lot of it. I love aged, distressed, or handmade… things that have a sense of history. I am so glad that you are happily creating 🙂 I love this little piece, it would be great on a pillow, tote bag…

    Enjoy Vivayne 🙂

  2. awww that is so cute! I feel the same way, I like everything crafty (;
    My house is an explosion of craft projects in various stages.

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