Rawr – Wild Abandon

Hope you are having a great week. I just wanted to share my latest design with you. I named it Wild Abandon. The reason? All care has been thrown to the wind, for a fun and explorative graphic look at different animal prints, all mixed together. As you can see, from the different color palettes, it has been fun to play around with the colors too.

Wild Abandon - Pattern
Wild Abandon – Pattern

I really couldn’t pick a favorite, so you have to tell me if you have a preference, in the comments, below!?!  Back to “Wild Abandon,” I love that saying….

When was the last time you did something with wild abandon?? (CLICK TO TWEET)

When was the last time you were free spirited, care free and brilliantly you? (CLICK TO TWEET)

When was the last time you did something (besides eating, lol), without restraining yourself ?Yep, I just went there, haha…..

And I don’t mean Wreckless Abandon, that’s easy! haha. Have you danced in the rain? Went down a kids slide? Rolled down a grassy hill? When was the last time you said, screw society, I think I’ll have a little fun!?!  YES, I really want to hear from you, down there, in the comments.

My challenge: I’m a big girl.  I thank my precious children for that, lol… Working on it, but in the mean time, I say screw society, I’m still gonna have fun, in a bathing suit, with my kids, even with aaaaall this goodness, haha… so there 🙂 I hope whatever is holding you back today, you will have that same spunk!


Have a fab week. See you next Tues!

❤ Vivayne

p.s. I post weekly, so if you would like it delivered right into your email, click the follow button that is right below this post. If once per week is too much for you, it’s super easy to just unfollow….  And don’t forget to comment below! YES, I really do want to know, what you have done with ‘Wild Abandon’ lately!



4 thoughts on “Rawr – Wild Abandon

  1. Thanks Red,
    It might be the only one you ever see without some sort of blue tone. Apparently, blue is a fav color of mine. It is, mostly, because I practically grew up at the beach and it gives me feelings of nostalgia. i.e. the blue of the sky, the blue of the water. After that post, I’m ready to take my kids to make some sandcastles and jump over the little waves that chase our toes.

    I’m down with pictures of you living life your way, when is your next trip to nature?

  2. Beautiful! love the pattern and the color palettes. I am partial to the top center because it has no blue.
    Dig your designs and your message. I am totally down with living and loving life my way.

  3. Sheila,
    You’re the sweetest! Messages like this make it more worthwhile to share work! I agree with you, at first the bright colors are fun, but then the muted colors might be more lasting, lol. I still can’t decide, ha!
    Thanks again!

  4. Hey Vivayne, I love these each time I see them. At first I liked the bright ones more, but the muted designs are really catching my eye now… great work!

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