Toss Yours in the Hat!


Hope you’re having a fab week. Either way, you HAVE to watch the video clip below!

But first, I need to ask you a favor! Please, if you could, take the time to vote for my GOOD friends who entered into a contest of over ONE THOUSAND entrants, creating art, under a specific brief. They made top 50!! It was amazing that they all made it through the first round, but please help them along to the next! I have submitted my email before to this site, they send aprox once per month and it’s usually just showing off adorable art! Also, easy to unsubscribe!

Please click the photos below to TOSS YOUR VOTE IN THE HAT and enter your email address to vote for them. You get 5 votes for each email address! I do hope you can help them out!


On another note, I just love this movie clip:

It further explicates what I was talking about in the blog post, Let it Shine.

It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us’ ~Coach Carter Clip (CLICK TO TWEET)


Hope you have a fabulous week.
❤ Vivayne

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