Lilla Rogers Mats A & B REVIEW

Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells

Make Art That Sells * REVIEW *

There was a time when I never thought I could become a professional artist because I wasn’t sure how I could embrace new work (and still keep it mine). I felt resistance & doubt about my own abilities. Lilla Rogers reassuringly maps it out for you, but this is no get “commercial art” quick scheme, where you just read the directions and now you know…. It’s the experience, as a whole, that teaches you. It’s everything! … The directions, the guidance, the gentle reassurance, the experiences, the community, the freshness, the explosion of ideas!

Wow! Mats A and B have really taught me how to get past those issues, and SO much more!! These are invaluable lesson to ANYONE even considering commercial art, and most definitely, your straightest path to your commercial art goals! I feel confident now, that the only thing that could possibly hold me back, is my own inactivity.

Thanks so much for EVERYTHING, Lilla and Beth, for the fabulous course & art soul nourishment!

Please, don’t hesitate to ASK questions below or make comments based on your own experiences!

Vivayne 🙂

Let me share this cute little video made by  Antonija M, a MATS alumni.


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