Jell-o and Bootcamp

Hey there,

Just popping in today to show you this little tidbit of designs inspired by jiggly, wiggly….Jell-0….. Yep, that’s right Jell-0, as in the molds, the squares, the shots! oops...shhhh

In February, I signed up for the Lilla Roger’s bootcamp course to help me build my portfolio. This bootcamp is nothing like the first bootcamp I ever attended for the Air Force, no no, this one is much more fun!

You get one assignment per month, for 6 months, and yep, you guessed it, the March assignment was gelatin inspired!

Sweet Gelatin Girl

So, at first I was resistant, because I’m a REBEL like that… hmmm, what can I do here?… but then as I started drawing, it all just POURED OUT!  I was also INSPIRED by my daughter, who just turned 9, hence the reason I didn’t run with the RUM AND TEQUILA version I had in my head, haha. I did toy with red hair (which was great) and then brown hair, but IN THE END, went back to that blondish. I’m sure I will PLAY around with that in the future. I had a lot of FUN with this, drawing it, coloring it.

I am hoping to work myself out of this pillow SLING as soon as the physical therapist gives me the go, and REVISIT this design! I have lots of other tidbits to add and I really want to DEVELOP  this into something more than this single image. So if you like this, FRET NOT, I will be re-visiting it to add some patterns and play with color, etc. What kind of surface COULD YOU see these tidbits on? Or maybe a pattern of these designs on?

I submitted a super LIGHT version to the Lilla Rogers bootcamp page, but I think adjusting the levels (as above) helped, as you can see the difference.


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