Ready to Rock & Roll

So, I finished the amazing Mats course earlier this month & I’ve hit the ground running!  What can I say about it? Well….

I finally feel like I have some sense of what I need to do, to make MY art viable in the commercial art arena! Yes, it was that good. Not only did we gain a whole slew of knowledge,  but Lilla further enriched our experience by  cultivating an emotionally safe environment for us to flourish & connect in. This was an intensive course. A lot like an art boot camp, packed full of information and productive exercises.

I didn’t make a video like some of my classmates, however I was inspired by our Fairy Art Mother, Lilla Rogers, to keep trying new things, and here was the result…

Fairy Artmother - Portrait

Below is one of the screenshots of Lilla in our final class, in the video that inspired the portrait above. I would love to hear what you think.

Lilla MATS art course

Thanks a million to Lilla Rogers and Beth Kempton for an amazing 5 weeks!

If you would like to see other designs done during the course, take a look at my Portfolio. I posted a few of them there.


Vivayne 🙂

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