What we have Forgotten

Today I come with a personal post. At some point for everyone, I think life gets heavy. Wrought with working, and surviving and trying to get ahead, raising kids (or whatever it is for you) life just gets heavy, ya know.

My friend Violet would say, it’s called growing into an adult, haha. Right, but I don’t know, I guess sometimes I wish I didn’t grow into an adult. I think the turning moment for me was when I joined the military. Yes, being in the Air Force taught me a lot. But at some point, I think I got a little too serious. I think I learned that perfection is a requirement.  You ever feel like you are just so wound tight that you are gonna blow your top? Maybe it’s part of our culture here. Busy is successful.

Today, I’m still fighting back that stupid idea of perfection that I have. Trying to allow myself to laugh more and joke more… yes even play more. Do I do all that already? Yes, but maybe with a filter. Wouldn’t it be nice to just allow yourself to just be you and maybe not hold back so much? Or let others just be them?

For example: As a child, our eyes were filled with wonder, we got excited, maybe even jumped up and down, pointing. When something wowed us, we really lit up. But, now we are like… been there, done that, or we temper our smile. But you know, even as an adult, I  see a rainbow or beautiful scenery, and my heart smiles, but then it is as if I have a filter that suppresses my outward expression of that, as if by being an adult, we have to be calm and cool. Maybe I am the only one that ever feels that way. But today I ran into this article by Rebelle Society, and it struck a chord. It made me want to ‘just let go’ and let others (especially my kids) let go, without judging (for talking too loudly or being imperfect, as we all are) The article is called, “Human Fire.” Hope it helps you to ‘let go’ a little.


Forever Mama - Wall Art

Painted with acrylics

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