Art is JOY!


So, here is my week 2 assessment for my MATS course: HOME DECO

I LOVE this market. I had so much fun playing and matching plates up. I have never been into decorating much, mostly because I hate to throw out gifts people give me and I don’t have room for more (HA!) So I didn’t realize I would ENJOY it soooo much! It was loose and fun and felt freeing. FUN! So many possibilities!

For me: I think bathroom, kitchen and wall sculputres would be the funnest. Bedding the most difficult maybe.

Dream scenario: just to be commissioned by a company, working closely with them. Not a huge goal, but hey, it would be huge for me!

Forever Mama - Wall Art
Forever Mama – Wall Art


I learned: I think my strength is playing with the items I make in Photoshop, it’s very enjoyable. I need to make sure to cutoff my hand drawing time and make time to PLAY in PS.

Sometimes my heart starts racing because I get excited about what I’m doing, it starts flowing – THAT’s Joy! and THAT joy makes me feel like the possibilities are INFINITE! lol (Lilla!)

Drawing skills: I CAN DO IT. Don’t get discouraged by where I’m at in my walk. Just plug away and try to learn something new everyday.

Color Sense: I am really freaking out for colors & pastels. I can’t get away from them. I feel like I’m over the dull and ready to LIVE OUT LOUD. But that doesn’t take me to Retro like I’d hoped 😦

Art Style: kind of a hash up. :/ supplies and stepping out from this course has already helped! …and will continue to.

Grown: Not as scared to try new things. Trusting in my own abilities.

To work on: NOT COMPARING. You all are SUPER TALENTED. It’s hard not to, but my work comes out better when I don’t compare and I TRUST myself. Always room to learn and the RESEARCH Lilla has had us doing is creating a great HABIT that I will continue.

I NEED TO FIND MY EDGE. What every artist needs, right? This is mostly what I need to work on. Hopefully that comes with growing.

What would I say about my plates: Love the different looking flowers. Cute sayings and trim. Watercolor rocks. Great colors.

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