Hello Darling

Just a quick note to say, hello darling. Hope you’re having a great day. ~Vivayne

Happy Llama

No llama drama, just a very Happy Birthday wish! ~Vivayne

Halloween Scrapbooking Papers

Halloween - Scrapbooking Papers
Halloween – Scrapbooking Papers

This was a fun little Halloween kit that I made while at Scrap Outside the Box. Circa 2010.

Enchanted World Scrapbook Papers

Enchanted World Daily - Scrapbooking Papers
Enchanted World Daily – Scrapbooking Papers

These scrapbooking papers were made to be more ethereal as part of a work assignment given to us by Scrap Outside the Box. Circa 2009.

Lucky Scrapbooking Papers

March Daily - Scrapbooking Papers
March Daily – Scrapbooking Papers

These papers were an exclusive made to go with a special giveaway on Scrap Outside the Box.  Circa 2009.

Scrapbooking Paper for Charity

McKenna Collab Charity - Scrapbooking Papers
McKenna Collab Charity – Scrapbooking Papers

This was a pro bono set of papers for a larger collab at Scrap Outside the Box, circa 2009.

Misc – Word Art & Poster



The word arts were created to give digital scrapbooking pages the same effect as a traditional scrapbooking rub-on. Commercial fonts used with proper permission/tou’s.

The Youth Explosion was a poster created for my church’s youth group, to be used as a large size banner.

Created circa 2008-2009.

Back to School Cool Scrapbooking Papers

Back to School Cool - Scrapbooking Papers
Back to School Cool – Scrapbooking Papers

This was my version of back to school. Created with cool Elementary and Junior High kids who were going back to school. Created circa 2008.

Vivayne Etsy Banner

Vivayne Etsy - Web
Vivayne Etsy – Web

This is one of my retired etsy headers where I used commercial brushes to create it, circa 2009.

Vivayne Ad Banner

This web image was created circa 2008. Mainly, to show distressed look which wasn’t yet popular in digital scrapbooking.

Vivayne Lighthouse Ad Banner – Web

Fantasy Sketches

Personal sketches from my imagination. I love seahorses and wanted to play with a different version of one. Created circa 1997 …when I was still in the Air Force.

Fantasy Dragon – Pencil Sketch
Fantasy Sea Horse – Pencil Sketch

Liebster Award: Happy Dance, I’ve been Nominated

Hey you! Did you notice anything different? That’s right, website got a lil’ face lift. Maybe you’ve seen it already. Either way, hope you like it. I’ve been waiting to post, till I had something fun to share.
Jessie from Still Playing House nominated me for the Liebster Award! Cool right! Thanks Jessie! I enjoyed reading about Jessie and Pam in their Liebster post!

WHAT IS THIS, you ask? It’s an award for smaller blogs asking us to answer some questions and write some random facts. It helps to get to know each other better. So here goes 🙂

Q & a

  1. What is your favorite memory?
    Oh man, not sure I can choose…  1. I have several beautiful memories of horseback riding  2. Childhood days spent on the beach, playing in waves and collecting sea shells. 3. Running ridiculously free as a kid 4. Sitting on my Dad’s shoulders at Disneyland to watch the fireworks after a long day of fun 5. My dating days with hubby 6. Hilariously laughing with friends 7. Lake Days- boating, wake boarding and teaching others to 8. Giving birth to my girls 9. Park days, picnics and pushing my kids on swings while watching them sweetly laugh. 10. Playing softball 11. Whale watching in a tiny boat with whales dancing all around us, within arms reach! It was glorious.
  2. What is the funniest thing you ever saw, heard, or experienced?
    One of the funniest things I ever saw were the legs of a grasshopper sticking out of a guys mouth. It was a drinking party. Someone told him he couldn’t eat this grasshopper, that he wouldn’t do it. He said, I’ll ****ing do it, snatched it up, shoved it in his mouth and held it there as the legs dangled out of his mouth. Maybe it doesn’t sound so funny, but at the moment it was pretty hilarious. Of course, what followed next was telling him that he couldn’t chew it……. nuff said! haha.
  3. What is your most embarrassing moment?
    I have two for you.
    -When I was about 10, my older brother tickled me till I peed my pants. That sucked.
    -My feet were so swollen from having been pregnant, I had to wear Crocs. The original ones….  bad choice. Even my jeans did not hide them. My friend was kind enough to save me from myself. I no longer wear them. lol
  4. If you could do anything what would it be?
    -I would learn everything, know all the mysteries of life. I love to learn.
    -If that was not an option, then I would want to fly, like Superman, that would be awesome!
  5. What is your proudest accomplishment?
    My most amazing creations to date, are my 3 incredible children (6, 8 and 10.) Nothing else even compares, except perhaps being married to my sweetheart for 20 years. We married at 18 and no one thought it would last. It hasn’t all been a bed of roses, but pretty darn close.  I’m pretty proud of that too.
  6. If you could hire someone to do something for you on a weekly basis what would it be?
    House cleaning, laundry, & cooking.
  7. How many states or countries have you lived in?
    Two, California and Nevada
  8. What’s your best piece of advice to give someone?
    Turn off the t.v. Question everything. Find something to focus on, follow your dreams and don’t listen to other people’s negativity. Connect to the great Creator and seek out your own answers, find your North, and rock on!
  9. What is your favorite food?
    Well, it’s definitely not pancakes, haha. I love Mexican food! Followed closely by Thai and German.
  10. What do you like most about yourself?
    I think I like my positive attitude the most. I try to see the bright side of things. I also like my grit and determination, my curiosity and desire to learn. What about you? We don’t get to say these things often enough, share in comments!
  11. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take three things with you, what would they be?
    A yacht, my man, and a fridge full of food and water, of course!

11 Random Facts about me

  1. I do not like to cook. I know this is majorly offensive to some, but it’s a reality. I can’t help it, don’t’ judge me! Haha.
  2. I love peaches and strawberries (but not pancakes)
  3. I love to sew and craft.
  4. I don’t believe everything the mass media feed us. Free thinkers unite!
  5. I love horses and riding bareback, like people did before there was such things as saddles. I also like to ride Western and have a few ribbons from it.
  6. I want to learn how to surf! Do big girls surf??
  7. I love to travel and explore, it cures my innate curiosity.
  8. I love seahorses, cats, horses and mermaids. What?
  9. I love to roller skate
  10. I’m a tomboy and proud of it. I know the new movement is to say I’m a girl (and that’s suppose to be enough) but whatever. I am not a princess, I don’t give a crap about my nails or makeup. But I totally believe in being sexy.  I’m athletic, outgoing, adventurous, and I love the outdoors. I love to shoot (targets) but not hunt (so don’t ask me to touch a carcass, eww!) haha.
  11. If it we weren’t for hubby, I’d probably be a vegetarian.


And now to pass the baton. I nominate Mary of Groovity Designs! She’s a super sweet person and friend, but also a fabulous detailed designer with an eye for pysanky. She just published Color like Crazy! Kaleidoscope Mandala Designs and I jut know we’ll see much more from this talented lady!

Here are her questions:

  1. What is your number 1 goal right now?
  2. What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
  3. If you had a superpower, what would it be?
  4. What is your most embarrassing moment?
  5. What do you like most about yourself?
  6. What has most influenced your creativity and why?
  7. Where is your dream vacation?
  8. What is your proudest accomplishment?
  9. Dogs or Cats?
  10. If you were a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be?
  11. What is your best childhood memory?

Liebster rules:

  • Link back and thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you
  • Tell your readers 11 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate up to 11 blogs with 200 followers or less and give them 11 questions to answer on their blog

Aaaand, never forget, you are:
You are Powerful and Amazing and Beautiful

Will You Choose


I wrote this little poem on our travels,  in the RV. I was thinking about dreaming big, not giving up… doing good things, enoying family, letting your inner light shine,  and serving a higher purpose.

It reads:
The world is a heavy weight
upon the shoulders
What will give you strength?
Will you buckle beneath
the weight?
Will you stand up and be great?
Will you listen
when your soul cries out?
Or ignore it and let the fire
burn out?
Will you let the world
pass you by?
With inaction, distraction…
Or, will you be deliberate
in every step you take?
Will you walk toward your
goal… Daily, not wait?
What will it take for you to
wake up from your slumber,
To walk in the light, in all
God’s wonder?

What calls you? I would love to hear from you,  please do share in the comments below 🙂

Owl you join us?

Birthday Invite

Hi all, just wanted to share this little invite with you. I had to do it in a hurry so I nabbed some images I had setting aside that I still needed to develop. What do you think?
Owl you join us?