So, my 1 and a half year old (H) has a favorite color. You guessed it, pink. Yesterday I tried to giver her a pair of pants and she absolutely refused. She started yelling, “pink, pink, pink” and didn’t stop till I pulled out a pair of pink shorts to wear. Lovely, now my littlest one wants to pick her own clothes too! Ha! Other than that, she just basically loves to dance and lights up when the music starts.

On another note, my 3 and a half year old (A) has decided to cut her own hair! Yep, again. As I made her lunch, she gave herself a mullet. I immediately started damage control and cut some layers in, but she definitely needs to go get a hair cut… ugh. She is my fiesty one. Hard on the outside and soft on the inside. She says she likes her hair. That’s my girl.

My 6 year old (K) loves to roller skate and dance around the house in ballet shoes and any pretty skirt or dress she can find. I catch her picking books out and sitting quietly to read. I love that. She really is quite sweet. Right now she is playing her first season of baseball. She loves to do that.

I just started playing softball again after not playing for about 6 years. Once I got my prescription for contacts fixed, I’m suprised at how I just jumped back in and played like before. Only difference is I’m bigger and a bit slower. I am looking forward to losing some weight and feeling athletic in my body as I do in my mind. Monday we played ball. Almost everyone pulled their quads, we were missing a few players and everyone was out of position, but hey, we played with heart and I was proud of everyone for that.

Hubby brought home some flowers for me. He is a sweetie pie.

My mom is going to be here to visit in a week. Haven’t seen her for a while and the kids miss her much, so that will be nice.

Well, that’s about it for now. TTFN!

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