Birthday Wishes

Hi everyone, thank you so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes. I didn’t realize anyone would even notice! As I get older, it’s just another day and not so exciting as when I was a child 🙂 but Jason did make it a really nice day.

Hey Angell slept through the night in panties (we forgot to put her pull up on) and she didn’t tinkle in the bed. Yay, I didn’t wake up in tinkle on my birthday! Also, I didn’t have to clean ANY puppy tinkle at all THE WHOLE DAY, boy was that awesome! Especially since it is super cold and rainy here and the puppies practically refused to go potty outside…Thank goodness for tile and wood flooring and disinfectant.

Jason made me a restaraunt style breakfast, eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and toast. I got to open presents. They brought me flowers. He also made an awesome dinner, smoked cheddar baked chicken, it was REALLY good. Jason played Happy Birthday for me on the piano, so cool right! Then they sang it to me at the table with the cake. I really really enjoyed that part because my girls LOVE birthdays and the smiles on their faces, as they sang, was just priceless. I mean what could make a mother happier than seeing her kids happy and having such a wonderful husband. By the way, it was  German chocolate cake… homemade… and it was the super yummy!

Wow, reading what I wrote above… I am truly blessed… Thank you God for blessing me with a truly wonderful family!!

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