Update on RILEY!!

Update on Riley: PRAISE GOD!!! All the glory is HIS!!!

Lydi writes: Hi to all our friends, RILEY IS GOING TO BE OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She just got out of surgery, where they opened up her skull to release the pressure of the swollen brain. The miracle is that they found absolutely no trace of a tumor, an AVM, or malformation of any kind! They detected a tag of what they assumed was the ruptured vessel, but NOTHING ELSE. The catscan had clearly showed a growth of significant size of some sort, but when they got in there, there was no tumor, no AVM, no growth, and nothing to repair. Everyone is amazed at the fact that Riley survived such a massive bleed and the mess it had created in her brain. I’ll never again question the power of prayer and will remain forever and eternally grateful to God and all our friends who prayed for Riley. She still has to recover from her ordeal, so your prayers are still needed and very much appreciated. The Bible says that before anything comes into the physical realm, it is first created in the Spiritual realm. Last night I prayed that God would call upon all His Physician and Healing angels to “operate” on Riley in Spirit- and today it happened in the physical. If this isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what would be classifed as one. P.S. I just helped another little soul come into this world today at 1:06 P.M.- a girl weighing 5 lbs and 5 ozs.
Love,Lydi and family…

This is just proof that there are still miracles, even today! Thank you everyone for taking the time to pray for someone else!


One thought on “Update on RILEY!!

  1. Praise God!!!!

    We did the praying, He did the miracle.

    All the Glory to Him.

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