You won’t believe what I did last night!

Well it is confirmed. I am a total & complete idiot, with no memory at all since I had the baby. Yesterday I had to take the dogs out. Katelon was holding the baby for me.. I come back in, baby poo all over her outfit, take the baby, clean her up, clean everything else up, run up to soak her outfit, pull the stopper, turn on the water, drop in outfit, think to myself I should NOT walk away while water is on, oh well there is a safety hole to catch it if I don’t make it back on time, run into the laundry room to switch the stuff, hear screaming downstairs “MOM, Angell is torturing the baby again”, run downstairs, seperate Angell from the baby, catch dog mid action pooing on my floor, run dog out, clean that up, hear the baby crying inside (too cold to out to take her), run in grab her -nothing makes her happy, she’s ready to sleep, by now I have forgotten the water running upstairs. Finally I get to sit & feed baby, I can breath again, Jason comes home – walks straight upstairs, that’s strange no kiss… Then I hear “Get up here!” and my oldest comes running, “Daddy needs your help!” Oh no, I just flooded my bathroom & garage…nice….. Sorry honey….. 😦 So we spent last night getting all the water up, pulling up the carpet and padding so it wouldn’t mold, renting blowers to dry it all up. Wow, that was A LOT OF WATER!! …………..I suck…….    😦

2 thoughts on “You won’t believe what I did last night!

  1. You don’t suck- You just have lots to keep your mind occupied with other things. Hope things settle down for you.

    Christmas Blessings

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