For Now…

These days my 4 year old sleeps in, leaving me the mornings alone with my little one (almost 2). Things haven’t always been this way. My 4 year old use to always be the first awake. Since she was my first born child, I’ve always had plenty of time with her alone. Especially since she defies sleep at night too. But for the past year, I have really enjoyed her sleeping in a little and finally giving me some one on one time with the little one- who has never really had too much one on one attention… She is soooo sweet and cuddly. She throws her arms out big and says Hug, to get the biggest hugs. And boy does she sqeeze tight. Sometimes we just sit around while she climbs all over me in her cuddly litte way. FOR NOW, I will enjoy this… but the new baby will be here shortly, only a month or so away. And then everything will change again. And this sweet time that I so cherish with my little angel, will be gone again. I will only be left with the feeling of sweet nostalgia. Bittersweet is the feeling, knowing that with the sweet birth of my next little one, I will lose the alone time with this little one.

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