DAC’s I’m Gonna Tell Mommy Kit

Okay, okay,

Well I have put off making this kit long enough, I better get started on it quick! I love the colors, but just have had my plate so full… No, not with designing, I wish!! With trying to get my house in some sort of order after the caos my husband has caused by buying a pool table for it. (I blame him because he’s not here to stick up for himself, hahaha) Anyway, it’s a great pool table (8ft) traditional style solid wood with claw feet, got a great deal on it for only 300. I think leveling it and refelting it will cost almost as much as buying it. We are turning our front room into a game room. He brought the pool table home the other night and the house has been in turmoil ever since, furniture everywhere, kids play area toys spread all over, yikes!! I can’t just sit at my computer and design with the house looking like that – so the re-organization has begun, blech! Ha ha ha…. I complain, but the game room has come together quite nicely (at least that is done). Only thing now is – what do we do with this extra stuff. I know a yard sale is one idea, but some of these things we need to keep for the kids, like books, we read childrens books EVERY morning… so I have to find a spot for the book shelves again! Anyway, this is the dilemna I am facing now… guess that’s not too bad – life is good!

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