My Morning so Far and NSD!

Goodmorning all!

Here is  a little rundown of my morning so far: The kids have eaten pancakes, we kissed Daddy off to work, I made jasmine tea, I spilled syrup all over myelf and the couch trying to open the blinds, cleaned it up, we’ve played 52 grape pickup probably 3 times already (not fun), watched the little one run into the corner of my desk, iced her forehead, checked my email, thought about twittering, solved a fight about stickers, watched my 4 year old color (boy is she getting good), picked up scraps of paper from the floor, picked up toys, chased the girls tickling them, got pinched by my little one, applied sales to all my scrap stores, and finally now…set them up to craft with construction paper, punches, and sizzors.

It’s always interesting how much kids, babies, toddlers know – and we don’t know they know! Do you know what I mean? For instance, this morning my little one grabbed a pen and a water bottle and started saying “neem neem” I of course had no clue what she was talking about. Actually I was in such a hurry to empty my hands so I could take away the pen, that I wasn’t really paying attention to her intentions. But my 4 year old says “oh, you want to put your NAME on there” and she says “yah.”  Most of the time we will re-use the bottles by writing our name on them and refilling them from our big 5 gallon dispenser. I never realized she paid so much attention 🙂 I don’t know, I just think it’s amazing that a 22 month old knows that! I remember that my first child also surprised me a lot, knowing things that you just dont’ think kids know! So, even as they grow, I will have to try to remember that they know sooo much more than we give them credit for!

Anyway for all of you SCRAP FANS out there:
In honor of national scrapbooking day I have put all of my stores on sale! Yay… You will find that even my commercial use items are on sale as well! So, I hope you stop by and visit all of my shops 🙂 Happy shopping today!

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