I’ve Gone LIVE!!!

Check it out!! I am now officially a disigner for DigitalArts-Cafe, my day couldn’t get any better!!! YAY!!

I can’t wait to show you what else I have in store for you. Gotta go, got lots of work to do! Come back for updates!!

Click on the white blinkie (top right) to see whats available at my store!

2 thoughts on “I’ve Gone LIVE!!!

  1. Thanks for the CBOX message! Molly is a wonderful white girlie. Although she is deaf and mute she gets along just as well as the others.. She does have a bit of a different face then the others but like you said, it is still cute… I just love her brown little patch.

    Thanks for sporting my blinky too..I need to update mine and make them look all pretty like yours and that pretty purple one there… 😀

    Ok, off to attempt to scrap a LO or two of a zebra and some banana nut bread… Don’t ask!

  2. I am doing a happy dance for you 🙂
    I snagged your blinkie and will have it up shortly, the baby monkey did a great job 🙂
    I believe you will do wonderfully now you have your store opened at DAC, I certainly wish you a prosperous time there…
    Me design for a store lol, I am hoping fingers crossed, and I thank you for you lovely comments…
    Now its time for me to go to sleep, lol, you are all awake when I am asleep, not fair….
    Have a wonderful one *hugz* 🙂

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