New Blinkie!!! First Blinkie!!!

WaaaHooo! Yes I am totally excited because today I got my first blinkie as a designer and it’s made with the brightest digitals I’ve ever made.
Soooo excited.. Laura (Tiamama) over at DigitalArts-cafe was kind enough to make it for me for FREE!

Yay, there are still kind and giving, decent people out there. That’s hopeful!

So what do you think? I hope you like it and will consider using it on your blog or in your signatures… I will keep my eye out for those of you who do!

I can’t wait to see where it turns up… Oh and if you do see someone sporting it somewhere… drop me a line, I may want to thank them! Hehe 🙂

Have a great night/day whatever time it is there… Oh yes and I’m looking to get another freebie posted for a blog train I am joining… TONS OF FREEBIES from tons of designers! So keep an eye out for that!!

2 thoughts on “New Blinkie!!! First Blinkie!!!

  1. Now I just have to figure out how to put that blinkie on my side bar for always 🙂
    So funny! Kids do the darndest things!

  2. Great blinky you got there girl! haha Glad you like it.. Looks good on your blog! I hope you get to see it all over the place..

    Loved those cornstarch pictures too.. Reminds me when my sisters 2 youngest put EVERYTHING from the fridge into her dryer.. She put them down for a nap and once she thought they were asleep she layed down for a nap and they got up… My nickname for them “Destructo Demon Children” meant with all the love from my heart for them.. =0)

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