The Tea and Me not Thee

Goodmorning world. Been up since about 5 am or so – thanks to my 1 and a half year old… ugh. Sat in the big comfy chair dozing off, while she sat on my lap looking at a book. Just couldn’t keep my eyes open. Now I’m just sitting here with a cup of jasmine tea, trying to clear the haze from my mind. Hoping the tea will do the trick. My 3 year old, who is so tall she looks more like a 5 year old, just woke up. She’s walking around with the cutist little long shirt on, no pants, but socks pulled up to her knees. So cute.

So, since I’m drinking this wonderful tea… maybe I should tell you about it. I got it from and it’s unlike any tea I’ve had. It is loose tea, so you need a tea ball or… they have this awesome little cup called The Perfect Cup. You put the tea and water in the cup, let it steep, then just put the Perfect Cup on top of your mug and it drains out the bottom. When you lift it off your mug, the tea stops coming out, put it on and it comes out again… sooo cool and handy, easier to clean than a tea pot and better for just one or two people. Jeeze, I sound like an advertisement for the stuf, no affiliation, I promise! lol. The tea tastes much better with a natural, organic sugar that is brown (not brown sugar) just unbleached and melts best if you put it in with the tea to steep. I picked up a really delicious tea called Vermont Maple. It’s great for the cold weather and reminds me of the apple cinnamon tea I use to drink when I was young and we’d come in from horseback riding, trying to get warm. Those were great days. Anyway, I don’t see Vermont Maple available anymore, but if you get a chance, you should definitely order some of their tea.

Gotta get that freebie made! Everyone have a great day! and if you make a layout or anything with my stuff, and put it in gallery I’d love to see it, so feel free to drop a comment with a link to your gallery!!

Off I go!

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