R.I.P Kitty

Beloved Cat
May 1, 1994 – Aug 22, 2008

May you forever feel a spring breeze blowing by.
We love you.

Added later:

I don’t do these very often so I thought I would share. This is a layout of our cat Mogley. He died last October 22nd 2008 but he is with us in all of our memories. In his day he was a bad ass mouse and bird catchin’ cat. This cat was there when Jason and I were dating, when we got our first place together, when we got married, when I joined the Air Force, when we got our first house, when my Grandmother died, when I completed my tour, when my neices and nephew were born, when my kids were born. Anyway, enjoy this traditional layout, made it with his old poloroid picture.

traditional layout:

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