Honeys we’re home!

Yes two weeks has gone by already and it sure was fast. While it was a great vacation, it’s just nice to be home. Of course, now that we are home it’s back to the grind. I’ve got some real estate to catch up on and I have come home with so many fresh ideas for designing digitals. I’ve got loads of laundry and the girls… Well, there’s never enough time in a day… 

So, if only all of you could’ve seen the girls when we got home. My 3 year old was almost shaking with excitment shouting “yay” and my One year old was climbing on her toys and clapping saying “yay”. Talk about soo cute.  

You might notice that PicNic Parade kit is not for sale anymore. I’m entering a designers contest at the DigitalArts-Cafe and in order to be in compliance with the rules, I had to remove the kit for sale. Everyone wish me good luck, and if you like – go register and vote for your favorites all this month!

My cat Mowgly isn’t doing so good these days. He’s 14 years old. That’s pretty old for a cat. His coat that was once a beautiful shiny black is now scraggly black and grey and so thin you can see his under fur. We’ve had Mowgly since he was a baby. He can hardly walk on his back legs, he can’t lift his tail up anymore. He is all skin and bones. I have to make him special rice and chicken meals just to get him to eat. We’ve had him since 1994 and the thought of losing him makes me very sad. I think back and remember how he was when he was young. What a wonderful companion. He always seamed to know when we needed a buddy to quietly sit with or a friend to play mouse with. He use to lovingly bring mice and birds to Jason’s feet, what a hunter he was in his day. Soon, very soon, we will have to put him to sleep. He is terrified to go to the vet. We don’t want his last moments in life to be spent in terror so we will probably have to have a mobile vet come to the house to put him down. It’s a struggle to figure out when to put your cat down. His hips and back legs are definitely in pain, he looks like he’s starving to death, he throws up anything other than chicken rice, but could he maybe just die of old age? That would be a better way to go. It’s definitely a mental struggle. On this sad note, I will go. Until next time –

Blessings to all,

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