Fillin’ ya in

Okay, so of course I haven’t felt like writing lately. I miss my cat. He was a good cat. Probably the best cat ever, in his younger years. We had Mogley since before we had kids, before we were married, and yes since before we even graduated highschool. We picked him out from a litter of kittens (from Don, Jason’s bro.) Mogley was the runt of the litter and boy did he walk funny. Kind of like a car with really huge back wheels and really small front wheels, or like the child Mogley in the jungle book. It was pretty funny watching him walk, but you probably had to be there to understand.

He lived with Jason until we got our own apartment together. He was a nice welcome home everyday at our apartment. He kept Jason company while I went away to bootcamp for the Air Force. He was the source of many exciting play sessions – wiggle a finger -dodge his paw or bleed! Yes, it was not abnormal for us to get an ass kicken many a night, by our precious, super cool cat! For many years, it was just us, me, Mogley and Jason. Several times we caught him just laying near our neice – you could just tell he was watching over her. Many years later, our own babies. You know, he even did this cool thing, he use to jump from the floor to our chest if we called him up, then sit on our shoulder like a parrot or something – sniffing around in our hair. Or, he’d jump up to Jason’s hair, wet from showering, and lick it dry as if he was a mama cat cleaning her baby. Funny. You could hear his meow from real far away. He could really belt ’em out. Sometimes he’d even pop his head up to your mouth if you’d say to him “kiss me”. He was a real cool cat. Always strong, always fun, always respected.

Three amazing things happened these last couple of weeks! First: The other day, my One year old went uckies in the toilet for the first time (same day mogley passed.) Yes, she’s gifted! Lol. Second: Yesterday my 3 year old dove all the way to the bottom of our 8 foot deep pool to retrieve a swimming weight at the bottom of the pool. Talk about impressive. We were all so shocked to see that she could do that. Third: Our backyard landscaping is completely done! Hallelujah. No more desert rock crap to look at. There’s actually some greenery!

Other than that, I have not been at the computer much. I have not scrapped hardly at all and I’m having withdrawals!! Ahhhhhh, what am I gonna do. I don’t foresee anything in the near future either as we will be hosting a bbq at my house for my cousins birthday party. Oh yes, one more amazing thing – My 3 year old is learning to read. She is sounding words out and reading them from this book called Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. Right now she can read: This, Mom, Rat, Ran, Man, Ram, Rack, See, Meet, is, The, a, Sad, Sam, Read and more. I thing that’s pretty amazing for a 3 and a half year old. And every day she is learning more. Some lady at the park told me about her 2 and a half year old reading and suggested the book. Amazingly it is working in a wonderful way. She is learning not to memorize the words, but to actually sound them out. It is still quite a lot of work and she really has to sit and concentrate, but I’m so proud of her. I know your not suppose to reward with sweets or food, but it is one of the only incentives, other than a reward chart that helps her to focus on pushing through when it gets difficult. I find gummy worms work well!

So, it’s late, I gotta go get some sleep if I want to survive tomorrow with these two kids, real estate, parents and puppy in town, grumpy overworked husband, plannning a birthday party for my cousin, doing laundry, cleaning up and keeping the peace….. Dozing off at the computer.. definitely done now! Night!

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