Kids Say the Funniest Things

So I have to post how funny my kids are. My 4 year old (A) says to hubby the other day, “Daddy, God puts me in my bed everynight…. hehehe, but I come back in with you! HAHAHAAAAA” Silly girl. She thinks she is getting away with something by coming back in to our bed, lol. She is also into poop. Did I tell you she is the practical joker of the bunch! lol. I love that girl! My other, my 2 year old (H), she has started this new thing, “Awwwww, poor me” hahahaa, she says it all the time, usually with her name in place of ‘me’. But isn’t that the funniest thing, she wants pitty, lolol. Cutie. She loves to dance. Anytime she hears music, her little body starts moving. Almost like she just can’t help it, and she’s been that way since I can remember! One thing is for sure, she loves being the baby. And my oldest, (K) well she’s just a sweetie pie. She is the leader of the pack. Her favorite things are ballet and piano and making up things for the 3 of them to play pretend. Love my cutie pies!

And last but not least, some vintage style designs. I do hope you enjoy!

Free Halloween QP

Hey there everyone. I made this free quickpage with my portion of the ScrapbooksGoneDigital’s Free Collab Kit that is releasing this month, OCTOBER!

Here is a preview of my contribution (free for the month of OCT):

 You can head on over and pick a peice up, everyday, for free, for the rest of the month until you have all 30 peices!

Here is what I made for you to take home today! Keep in mind that the calendar is an October 2010 one.


I hope you all have a wonderful week enjoying the changes new seasons bring! I know here in Las Vegas, we welcome this cooler weather. Spring and Fall are the best times of the year to be here and it’s amazing what good weather can do to your mood! Have a blessed one!

Another Bloomin Free QP

Hey there ya’all. I have another free quick page for you, which if you bought the Bloomin Cute Quick Album, and picked up the Bloomin Cute Free Quick Page 1, this completes the collection at 11 pages that can easily be made into an album. 

Take a look at the album HERE

Pick up your freebie HERE, enjoy!  

Happy Baby Free Word Art

I have some free word art for you today but first I’d like to show you what I made it with. Here is the Moment In Bloom Alpha (personal use)

The Alpha above was created using my Moment In Bloom Commercial Alpha. You can make the above alpha yourself into any color to match any kit, and the best thing is that there are 3 different styles and a brush set. So you may want to check it out at my shop as well 😉

AND finally I have some BABY word art for you.

SgD Birthday Giveaway and Freebie!


 Scrapbooks gone Digital!  4 Year Celebration GIVEAWAY – WIN an item of YOUR CHOICE! — Featuring Vivayne!

Guess what? Scrapbooks gone Digital is turning 4 this July.
To celebrate this wonderful milestone, each week one SgD Designer (ME this week!) is giving one luckly winner a product of their choice! The same designer will also be hosting a 30% OFF sale on all or most of their products! To enter this week’s giveaway, find your way to the SgD FORUMS!! and follow the directions.
Also, I am having a sale!!


But you don’t have to wait…I have a freebie for you right now.

Have a wonderful day, hope you are stayin’ cool!





Happy Birthday Baby!! and a digi freebie :)

Well the day has come that my littlest baby is now a ONE year old 😦 waaaahaaa haaaa…. I know I am happy that she has reached that milestone, but then I am slightly sad that my littlest one is already a year old. I suppose it is because I just really love this age and I know how fast time is flying!  My little show off did walk in front of everyone, she has only been doing a few steps here and a few steps there, but boy she is getting it quick. For the longest time she did the Army Crawl and we all called her GI Jane 🙂 a nick name her Grumpa came up with! I think her first steps were to her oldest sister, then to her Daddy. Hmmm… does that make me last. Her birthday was lots of fun. I really enjoyed having everyone over. We had pizza, then had cake, which she practically inhaled, presents and then swimming. Here are a few pics 🙂

This is my ONE year old, reaching for the flame!

Eating the cake 🙂

My Birthday girl opening presents and her (almost) 3 year old sister.

My oldest daughter in the middle (5) and her two friends 🙂

FREEBIE!!!! Okay, freebie time. I am sorry that I didn’t get this out sooner, but as you can see from the pictures above, we’ve been a little bit busy! You should at least have some Father’s Day pictures to scrap with now 🙂
So, I made this free quick page from the June Collab Daily Download product available at, as a daily download for the entire month of June.

You can check out the rest of my product avalaible for sale in my SgD shop.


This is the JUNE collab kit, my bad for the improper labeling, but hope you like it just the same!! Have a great day! Till next time…

Free Father’s Day Digitals

Hi all,

I just wanted to share with you the free June collab kit available at Here is the portion I made:

Here is what the entire kit looks like:

This is offered as a free daily download, come back everyday to pick up a new peice of the kit! Hope you all like what we’ve prepared for you this month! Have a great day.