It’s a Girl Thing

When I was still with Scrap Outside the Box, I made this paper and quick page for the June Collab Kit. I didn’t want to leave the girls out – so I made this paper and free quick page for those tomboyish girls like me, who don’t mind getting a little dirty and having some good old fashioned fun! Well, they didn’t quite make the cut, since the title of the Mega kit is “It’s a Guy Thing” but I know you’ll love it just the same!! So here it is, not available anywhere else!! Enjoy your freebie!!


2 thoughts on “It’s a Girl Thing

  1. I have just the pics for this! Must go and dig it out, but this is totally worth it, thank you to pieces 🙂

  2. This is cute, but I’m confused. Its titled “its a guy thing” but doesn’t the paper says “girls totally rock”?

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