Out to Play NEW Kit and FREE Word Art

Hello again everyone!! I have another freebie for you again, already yes!! First, please let me show you the new page kit it goes to. It’s an awesome new collaboration full of fun!

Add this amazing digital scrapbooking mega kit to your collection and your only limit will be your imagination! Out To Play has everything you need to scrap your outdoors, sports pictures and kids games.Ballpark games, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, rollers, skate, hopscotch, kite, swing, jumprope, bicycle, snacks and refreshments, suns, clouds, rainbows, birds, trees, grass, ladybug, caterpillar… and more! Just name it, it’s in Out To Play! Out To Play is suitable for both little boys and little girls pictures, as well as kids and teens hobbies. 17 designers inspired by one theme and the same colors have created together this fun and versatile pake kit!

I have also made 4 quick pages for you from this FABULOUS kit, all made with my portion of the collaboration – and they are 4 for a $1.00!! Available at www.DigitalArts-Cafe.com

Soooo, now for the FREEBIE!! I have made a free word art to give away to you today! Hope you love it, I enjoyed making it for you!

When you TAKE a freebie ) Could you please LEAVE a comment on my blog!  ) Thanks a bunch for your support!


One thought on “Out to Play NEW Kit and FREE Word Art

  1. I love your “over the rainbow” word art and quick pages. They are very cute and give me lots of ideas for spring. Very cute rainbow and grass that can also be used for Easter.

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