Kids Say the Funniest Things

So I have to post how funny my kids are. My 4 year old (A) says to hubby the other day, “Daddy, God puts me in my bed everynight…. hehehe, but I come back in with you! HAHAHAAAAA” Silly girl. She thinks she is getting away with something by coming back in to our bed, lol. She is also into poop. Did I tell you she is the practical joker of the bunch! lol. I love that girl! My other, my 2 year old (H), she has started this new thing, “Awwwww, poor me” hahahaa, she says it all the time, usually with her name in place of ‘me’. But isn’t that the funniest thing, she wants pitty, lolol. Cutie. She loves to dance. Anytime she hears music, her little body starts moving. Almost like she just can’t help it, and she’s been that way since I can remember! One thing is for sure, she loves being the baby. And my oldest, (K) well she’s just a sweetie pie. She is the leader of the pack. Her favorite things are ballet and piano and making up things for the 3 of them to play pretend. Love my cutie pies!

And last but not least, some vintage style designs. I do hope you enjoy!

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