No Dishes, Score!

Hello again 🙂 Was your Thanksgiving awesome?

Mine was very nice.  We went out this year, for the first time in over 3 years.  Nice steakhouse!  My favorite was the acorn squash soup, very decadent and rich.  But the best part?  NO DISHES!  Okay, I admit I did miss our own home cooking, but it was a lovely change. And… Since I didn’t have to do any cooking on Thanksgiving Day (score!), I sat, all cozy, on the couch and did some hand lettering. I still have to add textures but I’ll share anyway.

Vivayne Hand Lettered Thanksgiving Greeting Card
Vivayne - Hard to See Process/Sketch
Vivayne – Hard to See Sketch of the Process

I enjoyed taking the holiday off and now I’m feeling those warm fuzzy feelings that come with the season. Here is a little snapshot of our tree. Isn’t it magical?! Have you gotten yours up yet?

Vivayne – Christmas Cheer for You!

Aaaand, either my neighbor is super cool and loves Pink Floyd, or he is an engineer? Look!

Vivayne – My Neighbor’s Lights!

You didn’t know, but it was my Birthday on the 7th. Yep, Pearl Harbor Day (several years later though). I got some very cool gifts this year… a color guide, Lisa Congdon’s Art inc, some pens (because a girl never has enough of those!), a Silhouette Cameo (to cut my designs out with, eek, exciting), a delicious smelling candle and more. Here is a picture of a gift from my dear friend, Violet. I’m kind of crushing on sea glass lately. There are some pieces in there.

Vivayne – Coastal Scarf and Bracelet

My husband made a beautiful crown roast with loaded baked potatoes and vegies. Oh my gosh, that roast was so savory…mmm! I think he’s mastered that Trager grill! Have you heard of the Trager, you should check it out!

This year felt especially sweet though. While we can’t always get along with everyone (because people suck, naturally, they can’t help it lol), I felt that I was given the gift of sight, to see how beautiful my friends were and how sweet their wishes for me were.  I felt the love and blessings of friendship, familiar faces and truly caring friends and family.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I am not big on celebrating my birthday. While I am an extrovert and love attention, somehow I feel self absorbed to have a huge deal made over it. Funny huh? How do you feel about your birthday? Share in the comments, I wanna hear!

This was the cake. It was simple, but coconutty & delicious. My (super) husband made it!

Vivayne's German Chocolate Bundt Cake
Vivayne’s German Chocolate Bundt Cake

Okay, so…. That was nice to catch up with you! I’ll leave you with this little doodle, a reminder to keep your focus on the thing that matters most, LOVE!


See you again soon,
❤ Vivayne


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2 thoughts on “No Dishes, Score!

  1. Cherry Pie, sounds yummy! Yes, even though I don’t want to make a big fuss over my birthday, I love to celebrate everyone else’s birthday! And I don’t think they are self absorbed if they make a big deal over it, so it’s funny that we feel that way for ourselves!

  2. Great lettering 🙂 Looks like you really scored for your birthday, yum! I am the same about my birthday, feels wrong somehow. But I do like having my favorite dessert on that day…. cherry pie. Enjoy!

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