30 Bucket List Activities in Bad Assery

Seeking your inner bad ass? Here’s a little bucket list for ya!   p.s. do them at your own risk 😉  [Click to Tweet]

Who doesn’t love a good adventure? Here we go, the easy stuff first:

  1. Wear black
  2. Hit the batting cages
  3. Take a workout class (get ripped!)
  4. Go rollerskating/rollerblading (up your game – join the derby!)
  5. Ride horses (run horses, it’s amazing – or a trail ride.)
  6. Organize a flash mob & execute (even if it’s not so tough, it’ll be awesome)
  7. Go to a demolition derby (up your game – be in one!)
  8. Race BMX
  9. Take a road trip
  10. Go mudboggin’ (who’s got a truck?)
  11. Ride atv’s or dirt bikes  (races are fun even to watch)
  12. Learn to shoot guns (It’s not as hard as some think. Get your ccw)
  13. Learn to shoot cross bows (or anything for that matter)
  14. Learn self defense
  15. Wakeboard, knee board, water ski (it’s the best!)
  16. Drive a suped-up classic muscle car
  17. Surf or windsurf (someday I’ll learn)
  18. Ride motorcycle (community colleges offer amazing course and licensing)
  19. Get a tattoo (hope you don’t change your mind as much as I do!)
  20. Take a dance class (Hip Hop, Salsa, Swing, Belly Dancing, Break Dancing)
  21. Take Boxing (make ’em bleed, better them, than you! lol)
  22. Snow Board (I’ve got no skills, how about you?)
  23. Bubble Soccer! (tell me that does not look fun!)
  24. Go river rafting
  25. Sword fight (take fencing or learn Samurai Kembu)
  26. Zip lining (wee)
  27. Bungee jumping (getting nervous)
  28. Skydiving (hmmm, maybe. It’s less expensive than one might think)
  29. Nevis Arc – Worlds Highest Swing (um, not for me)
  30. Try Climbing (maybe not this extreme)(p.s. just watching this gets me high, phew)

Okay! So, to be bad ass, learn something new, conquer it, own it, work it. Crush your fears! What? Share your creation for everyone to critique? Yep, we gotta be brave!

Do something extraordinary! Society? Give it the middle finger and do what you do, regardless (this is not legal advice)!

Be carefree! Shun haters! Unless you look ridiculous, then get a grip, lol. Less talk, more action!

Aaaaand Finally, just know that if you brave life daily, you are already a bad ass! I’m dyin’ to know which of the above YOU are game for???? Let me know in the comments below! Have a blessed week!

❤ Vivayne

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2 thoughts on “30 Bucket List Activities in Bad Assery

  1. Yay Sheila, you ARE a badass! And your friend too! lol. I would also love to, at least once!
    I am not sure how well that’s gonna go, once we go up there, I am not to keen on heights!

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