Will You Choose


I wrote this little poem on our travels,  in the RV. I was thinking about dreaming big, not giving up… doing good things, enoying family, letting your inner light shine,  and serving a higher purpose.

It reads:
The world is a heavy weight
upon the shoulders
What will give you strength?
Will you buckle beneath
the weight?
Will you stand up and be great?
Will you listen
when your soul cries out?
Or ignore it and let the fire
burn out?
Will you let the world
pass you by?
With inaction, distraction…
Or, will you be deliberate
in every step you take?
Will you walk toward your
goal… Daily, not wait?
What will it take for you to
wake up from your slumber,
To walk in the light, in all
God’s wonder?

What calls you? I would love to hear from you,  please do share in the comments below 🙂

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