#LiveAuthentic – 11 Blogging Tips

So, what is it, to LIVE AUTHENTIC?

Me, this morning. No coffee yet.

I mean…..  Doesn’t everyone want to live authentic? It’s not as if we want to live fake, haha. But seriously, can we ever truly live totally authentic? Can we ever truly ‘Let Go’ and just be who we want to be? And why am I asking this question after all?  Well, when it comes to blogging, I feel like a total failure, seriously. I never know what you would like to ‘get’ from my blog, what can I give to make it worthwhile? I know I totally rock 😛 but will you? And then, how much of me do I let you see?

Of course, we probably all wonder if others even have time to stop in. Why should they, they have busy lives, right? …..And I’m practically a stranger? So, I decided to take a nice little online course at Creative Live called Build a Successful Creative Blog, by April Bowles, to find out  how to carry on with this bloggy stuff.

Belle Live Blogging

So, that class was awesome! It gave me tons of ideas and thoughts on blogging…. In honor of it, we are doing a blog tour where we all give our favorite blogging take-aways from the course. If you can catch the free rebroadcast, totally do it, but it’s way worth the purchase, if you can swing it (plus then you can re watch at your own convenience) So….What was all that GOOD STUFF!?!  Well, I couldn’t possibly tell it all here. So, I will tell you 11 of MY take-aways:


  1. Give freely
    Build trust with your readers by giving them something of use.
    Hmmm… What would you like?? Feel free to comment below.
  2. Build anticipation
    Anticipation builds excitement, which in turn makes your business fun. Yay fun!
  3. Share your best (don’t be scurred, there will be more)
    Always share your best. Don’t hold onto it in fear that you won’t create something new and wonderful. The act of sharing actually helps you to generate the new ideas and acts like fuel to your creativity and business.
    Plus, your gift will be totally awesome, rather than less than best.
  4. Ways to monetize
    April gets you thinking about how you can monetize your blog with your own business and talents. Think monthly subscriptions, retreats etc.
  5. How to find and build your tribe… and add them to your circle
    Joining groups, comment on blogs of people you would like to be buds with. Don’t lurk and stalk, engage.
  6. Be yourself (be authentic)
    But how? 🙂 …. Write like you’re talking to your BFF, that way you attract similar people. Oooh good idea! Plus, fake people suck and eventually, others will see who you really are, so it’s better to be yourself, no surprises.
  7. Make subscribing easy (oops, I blew it)
    You should make it easy for people to follow your blog and have a newsletter for easy sign up
  8. How to generate blogging ideas (yes please!)
    April gives us some blogging ideas in the course that pertain to our businesses and she also blogged
    52 Blog Post Topics for Creative Entrepreneurs.
  9. Blog regularly
    People like consistency. They like to know when to expect another post. Plus, it’s more professional. It gives you credibility.
  10. Get a notebook  (Love this idea!! Great way to infuse yourself into your blog!)
    Divide it into sections and write down ideas when they come into your mind.
    Stuff I love, Stuff I hate, Stories of my Life, Things I Find Funny, Favorite Words, Attention grabbing headlines, things to remember
  11. You’re suppose to struggle
    Remember, it takes time to get there. Have faith, you will get there! Enjoy the process, YOLO.

These were just the tip of the iceberg! Check out these links to continue on with the tour and hear from other bloggers who took the class:

Consu Tolosa Art Blog and Baby Portraits
Scrapping Wonders by Beth Soler

More noteworthy sites April refers us to:
The Middle Finger Project


So, back to living authentic…. Do you ever feel like you have bottled yourself up so much in perfectionism, that you don’t even know where to begin cracking the glass you’ve encapsulated yourself in? …To get to the person you want to be? Well, I do. You ever just want to break out of your norm? I love change. What exactly does living authentic mean?  Well, you don’t need a list on this one, just follow your heart. Problem is, what if your heart changes depending on how the wind blows?

Today I am a watercolor painting, Roxy or OP kind of girl. It is Summer after all. On a cool day, it might  be acrylic painting with a scarf tied around my head, long brown hair flowing, no make up, puffy eyes, Boho style kind of girl. What does your ‘authentic’ look like?


21 thoughts on “#LiveAuthentic – 11 Blogging Tips

  1. Just wanted to say Hi and I really enjoyed your post. I think the hardest thing is to make your words sound like two friends having a conversation and you did that for me. have a wonderful day.

  2. Ya, seriously, me too. I think us creatives get bored and NEED that change, ya? Did you do a marathon?

  3. Authentic for me changes every single day and I was beginning to think I was the only one. Today, authentic looks like yoga pants, and a KCCO t-shirt sitting on the couch because yesterday it was me walking over 10,000 steps and drinking all my water for the day!

  4. Nayana,
    I love the colors on your blog and your wooden forest dolls! I hope you keep following your dreams! If you’re new, you have to check out April Bowles class and website, it’s the shortest way to your goal!

  5. such great tips Vivayne. I have just started up so I am happy for any advice along this crazy journey, Just checked out your Facebook and love your art also 🙂

  6. Marcie, I was glued to the class too. Thanks for your kind comments. Your time capsule blog looks pretty sweet.

  7. I like the thought that it takes time to get there. Some people think they can have a domain and a blog layout and just expect traffic to come their way! It does take work, engaging content, and building your community.

  8. I love your GirlNamedMichael call name! That’s great, like…. ya, it is pronounced Michael, haha… Awesome.

    Thanks (about the picture), I was thinking … who cares, no one reads this blog anyway.. haha, totally kidding! I think ‘be yourself’ was my biggest take away from April. For some reason, probably crappy self esteem, I really wanted to just hide behind my screen, but honestly, that is Sooooo boring, and so not me, so….. I’m done letting my insecurities control me…. well, mostly, hehe.

    RedScorpio, you’re so funny, love your humor! haha, “Well, you know how old people are…” That’s great! Thanks for the header compliment! It’s really nice when people like your creations, isn’t it?

  9. Love the conversational tone of your blog. This is the type of blog I like to read, like we are pen pals. Love the header graphic! so pretty!
    The older you get, the easier it is to be authentic. I just don’t have the energy to fight it, it comes out. It is going to be awesome when I am really old and can just say whatever the hell I want and people are like, “Well, you know how old people are…”

  10. You blog is so real and I love it. Thank you for sharing this. I love how your personality comes out in your blog. I love how you ask your audience, up front, what they want to read about. That is brilliant! I agree, we are all under construction. I always carry a small notebook with me wherever I go, because you never know if that person at the grocery store inspires your next blog idea.

    I am coming from the New Blogger group on Facebook enjoying the Blog tour. There really is too much to share from April. She is amazing. I enjoyed reading your blog because it is so conversational. Great job! If you want, you can check my blog out. We love to receive comments and shares about our decorative Baby and Wedding Time Capsules as well.

    I learned a lot from April about ways to help our business through our blog, so my husband was very understanding that I was watching Creative Live for several hours, to help us advance our lives and business.

    Best of Luck to you,

    Marcie Norton

  11. Authenticity is key but it can be hard! I love the photo of you that you started with…the Pre coffee courage made me immediately want to read more! Thank you for encouraging us to be true to who we are so we give courage to others to do the same…as you just did here!

  12. Great analogy Amanda. I like that. I’m thinking the best way to avoid the struggle is to make everything fun along the way….

    You like that photo? Haha, I tried looking really grumpy about not having coffee but it was gonna scare my readers away! Serioulsy!

  13. I hate the struggle, but it is a part of the process, lol. It reminds me of how baby birds have to work hard to get out of their egg. If someone gets impatient and busts them out of their shell, they aren’t strong, and may not survive.

    And your pre-coffee picture is hilarious!

  14. I love to read the ‘take aways’ where we overlap and the ones that you picked up and I missed! I particularly need to remember to build anticipation… that means thinking more strategically! Thanks for the reminder, Vivayne! xo ~consu

    oh! I wanted to share an app called project365 that might be a fun way of visually documenting yourself living authentically!

  15. @Kris Thanks so much! BeYourOwnBeloved was my inspiration for the photo! I love change, which means I am changing very often. Being authentic means being brave enough to freely change and not worry what our old friends will think, and it means holding onto those things that make us uniquely us! Yes, it can be challenging. Maybe less so, yes, when we make a conscious effort. Thanks so much for your comment!

  16. I love your pre-coffee picture 🙂 Living authentically is an ongoing challenge, isn’t it? I think checking in with yourself everyday is a great way to make sure you’re really being you.

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