Free word art and mini scrap kit

I posted a free word art and a  mini scrap kit for only $2.50! Stop by my stores                                                                       ————————->

free wordart Over the Rainbow by vivayne

Free Chocolate Lover Digital Scrapbooking Word Art

Some of you may have noticed that SOTB was down for a server move recently. We are so sorry for the inconvenience, but we are back now! You’ll love what we have prepared for you this month. Here is just a little sample and there is more available, just check out the forums for lots more goodies!!

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Head over to Scrap Outside the Box forums to see how to get MORE free word-art, see preview below!

Out to Play NEW Kit and FREE Word Art

Hello again everyone!! I have another freebie for you again, already yes!! First, please let me show you the new page kit it goes to. It’s an awesome new collaboration full of fun!

Add this amazing digital scrapbooking mega kit to your collection and your only limit will be your imagination! Out To Play has everything you need to scrap your outdoors, sports pictures and kids games.Ballpark games, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, rollers, skate, hopscotch, kite, swing, jumprope, bicycle, snacks and refreshments, suns, clouds, rainbows, birds, trees, grass, ladybug, caterpillar… and more! Just name it, it’s in Out To Play! Out To Play is suitable for both little boys and little girls pictures, as well as kids and teens hobbies. 17 designers inspired by one theme and the same colors have created together this fun and versatile pake kit!

I have also made 4 quick pages for you from this FABULOUS kit, all made with my portion of the collaboration – and they are 4 for a $1.00!! Available at

Soooo, now for the FREEBIE!! I have made a free word art to give away to you today! Hope you love it, I enjoyed making it for you!

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My Priceless Treasure Free Wordart and CT Call

Hi all you wonderful and creative digital scrapbookers. I am looking to pick up some creative team members. I would give you a minimum of one kit per month for free and you create with it, talk about it, post your layouts and basically do what you probably already do. This is great incentive to keep you scrapping and at the end of the year you will have a full scrapbook from the layouts you’ve made. So please, shoot me an email if you are interested in helping me to fill up galleries with beautiful layouts and spread the love.

I would like to share with you a layout a made with my new and upcoming Heritage Kit. It will be available Jan 2009 at

Also, I have arranged for you to have this free wordart, great for scrapping pictures of your babies, childred and loved ones. It is the same as what I used in my layout above. I hope you enjoy! If you like my work, be sure to stop by DAC to see what else is available 🙂

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Sweet Precious Baby – Digital Scrapbooking Word Art

Hello everyone. I made this layout with my Christmas Around the World Kit: Glisten, and I wanted to share it with you.

From it, came this free digital scrapbooking wordart. I thought, any of you with baby pictures may be able to find a use for it, so I am offering the word art as a freebie. It can easily be re-colored (Cntrl B – in photoshop). Also keep in mind, you can easily remove any of the words and have your own word combination (use Cntrl L to select area to be deleted – in photoshop) . Fonts are indicated in TOU’s.  Hope you enjoy!!

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Happy Thanksgiving – Heres a digital scrapbooking freebie!

Hiya all,

I hope you have a wonderful day planned with your family or friends! We will be going over to my Aunt and Cousin’s house to have dinner there. We usually have it here at my house, so I am looking forward to going somewhere else this year! What’s on the menu???

Turkey, stuffing, turnups, candied yams, red cabbage, baked mac & cheese, green bean caserole, creamed spinache, pumpkin pie, whipped cream, homemade cranberry sauce, sparkling apple cider… and who knows what else!

And yes we will have a full house. Let’s see, we will have 12 people total! That’s 7 adults and 5 kids, wow.  

So anyway, on to your scrapbooking freebie, My way of saying thanks for coming by…

Here’s the Free Digital Word Art for your Scrapbooking layouts this Thanksgiving! I think they go perfect with the Holiday and life in general. They are fairly large so I think you will find them nice to work with. They can easily be sized down to fit into smaller spots! Have fun creating with them! I hope you like ’em.

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Thanksgiving Word Art Freebie

As promised here is the word art to go with those journal cards. I hope you are able to use them. I made one more traditional and the other a little modern. Hope you enjoy!

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It was made to go with this previous freebie. See previous post for download!

Free Digital Scrapbooking Word Art for Autumn

Hope you enjoy this free digital scrapbooking Word Art for Autumn. I coordinated the colors for week 4’s Free Design It kits over at DAC. It says Autumn Makes Me Happy. The “makes me happy” is in white so it may be hard to see until you get it on your paper. Hope you enjoy, please leave me some love if you download and send your friends my way too! Thanks 🙂