Grumpy Me!

Hi everyone. So, I am going to just spit it out. Today I feel just plain bitchy, grumpy, crabby and ungrateful. I’m not really sure why, maybe it’s because I know I should not feel this way but do anyway. I feel like complaining, about what? Every little thing, really doesn’t even matter what, anything really. I definitely am not feeling like my cheery, optimistic, usual self.

Why I should be happy, January’s kit and add-on (and the dreadful previews) are zipped and uploaded, all I need is to make the description and I can put them up. The quick album and collection are closely following. My kids are beautiful and I am with them. I have a wonderful, handsome husband, we have a roof over our head. Oh yes, and I got to use my birthday money to get a new tablet for doodling on the computer (still haven’t gotten to play with it much yet)  Life is beautiful, so why don’t I feel that way right now?

Whatever, I’m just going to blame it on pregnancy hormones and leave it at that. I will have a couple of free quick pages for everyone this coming week, thank you for waiting so patiently!

2 thoughts on “Grumpy Me!

  1. Hiya grumpy lol…
    I would say its the pregnancy hormones definitely…
    You got a tablet I am sooooooooooooooooooo jealous lol,
    just relax and take it easy, hows that song go, “dont worry be happy ” lol….
    Glad I am not the only one that doesnt enjoy doing previews, and thank you for the description you sent through..
    I love it, but can I live up to it lol….
    Anyway, I shall leave you lots of love and hugs, and try answer all my messages before I go off..
    If you want to vent send me some emails lol, just dont expect an answer to quickly this week my dear….
    Have a good one Vivayne, go play with those adoreable children of yours or annoy your hubby, that always works for me lol… Except when he gets bored and annoys me, have you ever tried to be so painstakingly removing something and someone comes up and tickles you and that eraser just goes all over the place and erases things you dont want, thats his favorite game, he lets me get back to doing it then sneaks up and attacks again…
    He thinks its so funny… 😦 lol
    catch you later beautiful

  2. Maybe are the hormones… but meanwhile I’m sending you big hugs hoping you’ll feel better…

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