Waiting for the Fog to Lift

Goodmorning world…

Today I woke up with a fog in my head that just wont seam to lift. I tried a little cup of coffee, but that didn’t work. My eyes are droopy and I’m only awake because sleeping past 5:45 am is out of the question with my kids. My littlest one, a year and a half, is cutting 2 eye teeth on the top and one on the bottom. I wish those teeth would just come out already, they are really putting  a damper on my sleep.

So I wanted to tell you that the other day my husband and my 3  1/2 year old, made a beautiful red velvet cake, completely handmade. It looked just like this picture of Paula Deen’s Red Velvet cake (picture is linked if you want the recipe)! I wouldn’ve taken a picture of his, but it’s all gone! hahaha.

They did such a wonderful job! needless to say, the cake did not last in our house for very long 🙂 You’ve got to see the cute pictures of them making this cake. Here you go, enjoy:

4 thoughts on “Waiting for the Fog to Lift

  1. lol what do you mean I have been tagged…
    Please explain lol….
    I have so so much to do, I dont think I am ever going to get caught up…
    And now I got to think of something to put on my designer album… ugghhh
    Hey do you a deal I will swap you “lovers glade” for the bits of heritage I dont have? deal or no deal….lol
    I will catch up on our emails shortly lol… Will probably be about all I will be able to manage for the next week anyway..
    k I am going going gone…
    <<<<<<<<<<< but ha ha *Hugz* and love

  2. How adorable! It looks like they had a blast not only eating but baking the cake. How cool. I love her apron and baker’s hat as well. 🙂

  3. OMG those photos are just tooo cute! CAn’t wait until you have scrapped them! Or are they calling for a baking kit to be made?!
    CU around

  4. Hey girl,
    lol your slide show is absolutely adoreable… I love it….
    So cute….
    I was going to leave you a message and say I couldnt talk you because you didnt have a chat box lol….
    You should get one, you know how I love to come and scribble 😛
    ok I am going to put the ideas in my head to a kit, well thats the plan lol…
    have a truely funtabulous one and I hope that fog has lifted now….

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