Hope you had a Very Merry Christmas

Hi everyone. I just wanted to say that I hope you had a nice Christmas, or holiday, however you celebrate. Some of you may not know, but my family, on my Dad’s side, has always stayed up on Christmas Eve and celebrated all night until midnight when we open gifts (a German or European tradition.)  Then we get together to eat dinner on Christmas. The last few years of doing this, especially since my Grandmother’s passing, has been difficult. My Grandmother is the one who MADE Christmas special every year, cooking and having the Holiday cheer. It is hard to even keep up with Christmas’ of the past when we think of all the wonderful memories that she gave us by hosting such wonderful and loving Christmas Eve Parties and Dinners. I mean the spread on the table was like something from the food channel, with German potato salad, and snacks of every sort on the table to eat all day long, 9 different kinds of cookies sometimes and chocolate treats. She really loved to make the table inviting and everyone was fed and happy and cheerful. Now, all the excitement is gone for some of us adults and the magic is a little dim. Someday, Christmas will have that excitement again, but for my husband and I… we are just a little too tired to stay up till 1 am in the morning, opening gifts. Then waking up EARLY with the little ones, because they wake up early no matter what. So, next year we will do it like many other American families. Go to sleep on Christmas Eve and wake up in the morning to celebrate. At least, us parents will feel rested and not so short tempered with them on the very holiday that we wish to be magical for them. It is kind of depressing that we will be forgoing our traditions and way of celebrating Christmas… but on the other hand, it just doesn’t seam worth it anymore.

As for the girls, they got dolls and bears to stuff, a kiddie camera, pony’s to color, aprons (they’re little chefs), a doctor’s kit, ornaments, Barbie’s, shoes, gloves, slippers and jammies. Sounds like enough doesn’t it! We did have a lovely Christmas though.

So, eventually I will get around to posting a few pics of us sledding and also of Christmas.  🙂

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