Festival of Ages Digital Scrapbooking Add-On Kit

Here is my newest digital scrapbooking kit. It is a Hanukkah (Chanukah) kit, however I’ve included a replacement paper for the one paper that has stars of David on it. The rest of the items can be used easily for other jewish/non-jewish photos, New Years Celebrations (because of the lightworks in the papers) and the gelt (chocolate coins) being good for luck 🙂 I know that once you see the papers up close (they are truly magical) you will absolutely love them!


Scrapbooking Kit Includes:
7 papers (1 glitter paper)
1 replacement paper
1 page border (purple ruffle, journal tag, paper clip, sequin)
2 bows (yellow, blue)
1 button (blue)
1 chocolate coins (gelt)
1 frame (grey with yellow ribbon)
1 silver glitter stitch
2 jewels (blue, white)
1 jewelry/chain
1 torn ledger for journaling
2 knots (yellow, purple)
1 paper clip (white)
2 ribbons (blue, purple)
1 curled ribbon knot
1 staple (gold)
1 tab cluster
1 metal vine


28 items total

If you love this kit, don’t forget to pick up the Original kit that totally coordinates with it HERE, along with the freebie. You can also read more about what this kit means to me and what the colors represent in that post. Hope you all have a great one!

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