Sneak a Peak

Here’s a little sneak peak…


These are some quick pages I made from the Glisten Page Kit.

3 thoughts on “Sneak a Peak

  1. The first two papers are included in the new Glisten Page Kit, the last paper is an alteration of a Hannukah paper. I made it into a Christmas paper and it will be in the Glisten Add-on (if I can get it done on time)

  2. Hey lovely,
    lol I like these Qp’s you made especially the one with the house in it…
    And your layout is adoreable so is the word art, so will you be adding that to what you sell at DAC?
    Say yes 😛 lol
    Sowwy I got in before you and commented you will just have to be faster next time 😛 lmao…
    Thanks for the heads up on photo bucket, I knew I got a message from them last week saying I was close to my limit..There was one this morning going “warning you have exceeded your limit” opps lol
    I guess I should go either do what the baby monkey suggested or pay, then I dont have to go through all the redoing part lol…
    Have a beautiful one, and you figured out a way to get those chocolates from the screen at DAC yet, I agree its torture, everytime I look I start drooling and want chocolate.. lol

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