Some personal Insight Into my Youth

Hi there,
I just wanted to give you all, who may not know these things about me, a little insight to my youth. I just turned thirty two, this last week, on the 7th. Well, I got this e-mail from my Grandma Fae about when I was a baby. She really made my day telling me this story (turned a smile), even though I remember hearing it before. So here is what it said:

Happy, happy birthday!!! I remember when you were born, I gave you your 1st bath when you got home from the hospital, It was very exciting, my 1st grand daughter. I loved buying and making you fancy little girl things, gathered skirts, ruffles, lace, etc. You hated them, we couldn’t even get them on you, even at 1 year old. Carol had to take them back and get pants and t-shirts. Hope you have a wonderful birthday. Love, Grandma Fae

2 thoughts on “Some personal Insight Into my Youth

  1. Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, I think your beautiful to…
    I didnt know, so happy Bday, gosh your getting old lmao 😛
    And you sound like my youngest,lol….
    Till she hit kindy I could pretend she was my little doll and dress her up in pretty little dresses…
    Then she informed that dresses were not practical, she couldnt do lots of things without flashing her pants, so for awhile we comprimised with shorts underneath, then I gave up lol…
    She hasnt worn a dress in years….
    she didnt like dolls either, I always found them with no heads or
    I just thought I would come and visit..
    And leave you some love….

  2. How Sweet. Happy belated birthday! Sorry that I missed it. I love you!

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